Jerry Cantrell Praises The Rolling Stones Singer: “I Don’t Think You’d Have Steven Tyler Or David Lee Roth Without Mick Jagger”

Jerry Cantrell Praises The Rolling Stones Singer: "I Don't Think You'd Have Steven Tyler Or David Lee Roth Without Mick Jagger"

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has recently interviewed to pick his rock god and said that The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger is his rock god.

Jerry Cantrell has been rocking the stage with the rock Alice In Chains since 1987. He is the founder, co-lead vocalist, lead guitarist and main songwriter of the band. During his ongoing tenure with the band, Cantrell performed in every Chains stuff, including 6 studio albums, 3 live albums, 5 compilation albums, 3 EPs, and more.

Also, the English rock band The Rolling Stones was formed in London in 1962. At press time, The Rolling Stones released 30 studio albums, 33 live albums, 48 video albums, 20 compilation albums, 77 music videos, 3 EPs, 121 singles, 15 box sets, and many more things.

Furthermore, having more than $500 million net worth, Mick Jagger is an English musician and singer who achieved his world fame for being the lead vocalist and one of the founding members of the rock band The Rolling Stones. Inducting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the band in 1989, Mick Jagger appeared in every Stones album.

However, Mick Jagger was mentioned by Jerry Cantrell during the Rock God Segment on the BBC’s The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker. Saying that he’s been lucky to see The Rolling Stones live, the guitarist praised Mick Jagger.

“I had the good fortune to see him perform with The Rolling Stones in Los Angeles a couple of days ago,” he said.

“I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few Stones shows over the years, but it was really great to be reminded of their place in rock and roll history and Mick’s place as the genesis, I believe, of what fronting a rock and roll band really looks like.”

Cantrell Adds The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger Is A Huge Singer

In the continuation of his words, Cantrell mentioned Steven Tyler and David Lee Roth. According to him, there wouldn’t be Steven Tyler, David Lee Roth, or any epic singer without Mick Jagger. He also added Mick Jagger is the forerunner of rock and roll.

“It’s amazing, the longevity, the attitude, just his ability to connect with the audience, to work a room, I don’t think you’d have Steven Tyler or David Lee Roth or any epic frontman without Mick Jagger,” Cantrell continues.

“He is the archetype and the forerunner for what fronting a rock and roll band is all about.”

Back in August 2020, Jerry Cantrell had praised Metallica frontman James Hetfield while speaking to Louder Sound. Explaining what makes James Hetfield a great musician, Cantrell had said that he is the godfather.

“What makes James such a great frontman is his physical presence,” he says. “Nobody else commands the same kind of respect and attention without it being self-seeking or egocentric.

“He’s all about the music; all about the fun and the celebration and the connection with the fans. And that to me is really inspiring.

“Especially because he’s done this for so long, and he’s been at the top of his game for so long and he continues to search for a deeper meaning. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

“He took an underground thing and took it worldwide. Metallica is a huge thing for me and for any hard rock or metal band. Will he go down in history as a rock icon? He already has – he’s the godfather, man.”

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