Metallica Announces $250,000 Donation To Help Turkey After Earthquake

Metallica Announces $250,000 Donation To Help Turkey After Earthquake

Metallica has recently announced that they donated $250,000 for Turkey earthquake relief efforts via their non-profit foundation, All Within My Hands.

On February 6, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in southern Turkey and damaged hundreds of buildings in over ten cities. Hours later, there was another 7.5 magnitude earthquake, centered in the Kahramanmaras province, hit several cities, including Hatay, Malatya, and Gaziantep. Unfortunately, over 36,000 people have been killed, and 85,000 people have been injured for now. Tragically, the number is expected to rise in the coming few days, which is devastating.

Turkey earthquake
image: Twitter

After the earthquake, the local aid organizations, including disaster agency AFAD and the non-profit organization AHBAP, started to head out there to save people under the debris. In addition, Azerbaijan, Israel, Germany, and many other countries have sent a large number of search and rescue teams to Turkey to help the country. Furthermore, the whole country became one and sent thousands of trucks of vital necessities such as clothes, food, and tents to the cities affected by the earthquake.

In a recent announcement made through social media, Metallica’s non-profit organization, All Within My Hands, contributed $125,000 in grants to World Central Kitchen and Direct Relief to assist Turkey. They are helping in funding much-needed medical aid and meals over the country.

Volunteers saves animal life in earthquake
Volunteers saves animal life in Turkey earthquake – image: Halil Fidan

Writing how tragically the earthquake was, Metallica looked devastated: “We’re at a loss for words to describe the devastation in southern Turkey and northern Syria,” Metallica tweets. “The 7.8 magnitude earthquake has reduced the entire region to rubble. The death toll continues to rise, tragically exceeding 36,000 lives lost.

“Two of @AWMHFoundation‘s partner organizations, @DirectRelief & @WCKitchen, have boots on the ground providing medical aid & food to the victims of this disaster. #AWMH is providing $125k to each organization to support their efforts.”

Under the comment section, fans sent their gratitude for the band. There were also fans from Turkey, writing their respectful words for Metallica.

A pile of concrete was left in the region after the earthquake. The human being was not the only thing remaining under the pile of concrete. The volunteers saved more than 300 animal lives after the earthquake. As a result, volunteers in Turkey have once again shown how selfless they are for their country.

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