Jason Newsted On Metallica’s Hugeness: “KISS Still Hasn’t Sold As Many Records As Metallica”

Jason Newsted On Metallica's Hugeness: "KISS Still Hasn’t Sold As Many Records As Metallica"

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has spoken out about Metallica‘s hugeness and said that they are the heaviest and biggest band in the world, adding the biggest called-KISS hasn’t sold as many records like them.

Metallica‘s bass place changed several times since its formation in 1981. In their early years, Metallica had launched with Ron McGovney in its bass place. Then Cliff Burton joined the band replacing McGovney. Later then, Jason Newsted joined the band after Cliff Burton died in a bus crash. In 2001, Jason Newsted called his departure from Metallica and was replaced with Robert Trujillo.

With Metallica, Jason Newsted rocked the stage from 1986 to 2001. As a member of them, Jason made remarkable things that are still inspiring people. Contributing to the band’s four studio albums in total, which are …And Justice For All, The Black Album, Load and ReloadNewsted performed in 11 different albums of Metallica, including compilation and live albums. One of his honors with the band includes a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction as a member of Metallica in 2009.

On the other hand, KISS is a 1973-formed rock band that is considered one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world. At press time, the band has released 20 studio albums in total. Preparing itself to call its quit in rock, KISS has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, which was way lower than Metallica because they have over 130 million sales.

However, during a recent chat with Gater Bites, Jason Newsted talked about his former band Metallica‘s hugeness. Touching on his connection with Metallica, Newsted admitted that he has no negativeness for them. He also said that he will always defend Metallica.

“I think it’s very important for everybody to know [that] how gracious that [was],” Jason said (as transcribed by MetalCastle.net). “We have been to each other like the band has been very gracious to me.

“And I have tried to be the same and take the high road. I will not say a negative word about Metallica, no. But I will defend them till the end no matter what anybody wants to go after because I know better.”

Jason Newsted Reveals KISS ‘Couldn’t Be The Best Because They Didn’t Sell More Albums Than Metallica’

Jason Newsted then continued to talk about Metallica‘s worldwide success, slamming KISS and people who things that KISS is the best. Defending that Metallica is the best band on the planet, Newsted said another headliner, KISS, couldn’t be the best because they still have not many album sales as Metallica. He also said Metallica has been rocking for about 40 years.

“I just think it’s such an important thing to keep the pride together, keep that respect together,” he continues. “Look at what it’s become. Is there really a bigger band on the planet – overall, globally – I don’t think so. There is U2, there is – well, the news isn’t going anymore, right? What’s another headlining band because it ain’t KISS. It’s not that generation. There is not anybody from that generation that’s as powerful as Metallica.

“KISS still hasn’t sold as many records as Metallica – I’m sorry. They had a 10-year jump on Metallica [but] they still haven’t sold [as many records as Metallica.] Tom Petty hasn’t sold more than Metallica. WTF?

“Excuse me – you know what I mean, really? I’m not saying this out of this, ‘Oh, look at my big head.’ I’m just stating the facts. Like, is there actually a bigger band globally? I don’t think so.

“So, that kind of thing – still doing ‘WHOA’. It’s still doing the thing and still doing the thing [that] what they want to do. And being bigger every time, every stadium, every country, every continent – all continents they’ve played – but now, actually.

“So it’s just totally correct, man. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing the determination and conviction of those people as a collective. That’s why they are only one. Nobody has played their game that righteously for 40 years like that – worked that hard taking into it to the people. They’re the one man.”

Jason Newsted Comments On His Departure From The Band

Back on his April 14 interview with The Palm Beach Post, Jason Newsted had discussed his departure from Metallica. Touching on the band’s late bassist Cliff, Newsted said he was the teacher of them. According to him, there was one real and simple thing that led to his departure from Metallica.


“They were under extreme emotional demand when they lost Cliff,” Jason said. “He was their teacher, he was their main guy, he was the man. It was a big, big deal.

“… In two weeks’ time, I went from landscaping, raking rocks and picking up cactus needles in Arizona in the desert in 110 degrees, to, two weeks later, touring Japan with Metallica. That is nuts for anybody.

“The absolute is still that I would be dead if I didn’t leave.

“It’s like a crazy-ass, hollow void that will probably not ever really be filled. It was a really horrible, lonely feeling. I was like, why did you screw yourself so hard? Why did you? But I had to think, also, you wouldn’t be breathing right now if you hadn’t done it.

“For some reason they weren’t willing to do that.

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  1. As a true Metallica fan I thought I’d never get an opportunity to put my two cents in!!
    Especially following an article like the one I just read above from Jason. As I was reading it I was answering a lot of your questions Jason did you put it out there not knowing when I got to the end that there was gonna be a big box that has in capital letters no comments leave a reply?? “ Shit the bed” you’re damn Skippy I will!!
    Jason I think it only be fair that you know a little bit about the person critiquing your article if you will. Please bear with me folks and or anyone who bothers to read this I don’t claim to have the writing skills nor the punctuation skills so I’m just gonna put it out there!! I strongly believe not only hundreds but thousands feel just like I do so please correct me if I’m wrong.
    I’m 54 years old I don’t know it all but I know a little bit about a lot!! Jason you asked if there was anybody out there who could compare with Metallica? Basically implying /asking is there anybody in the realm of the greatness of Metallica? Well consider me like Paul Harvey and this is the rest of the story! Stone cold used to say I got two words for you?? Well I got four letters for you..Jason, and a little rip that goes something like this???
    Of course we all know where that little rip comes from! PRO PAIN. But here’s a few numbers and fax for you can you say BACK in BLACK?? Humm ! AC/DC OVER 200 million records and counting ! Over 75 million albums sold in the UNITED STATES ALONE!! And guess what they’re not even from the United States!! This little TUNE SOLD OVER 50 million units Worldwide second highest among any artist and the highest album sold of any band PERIOD! 22 million units in the US alone !! AC/DC Jason BACK IN BLACK That’s one album one song!!!! Get you a snort of that!! Or this Tidbit comes from the one and only Rick Rubin quoted this This when he wrote his article for Rolling Stone AC/DC is the best rock ‘n’ roll band that ever I know I take it back the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band ever!!!! PERIOD!! I mean can you even sit back and fathom how many great albums that band has put out since 1973?? In every one of those albums have multiple and when I say multiple songs that kick ass they put the rock in roll and put the rhythm in blues brother!!!!! And here’s where they separate the men from the boys if you will do you see AC/DC ask yourself this question how many bands out there sound like AC/DC??? ???? ???

    Yeah that’s right a big fat ZERO! NONE !! NOTTA!! NOTTA one !! How many bands you think are in the world Jason they have come and gone and played and there’s not one band not one in the whole wide world that sounds or plays music melodies rhythms not even close to AC/DC put that in your pipe and smoke it!!! Now ask yourself this question Jason how many bands out there sound like Metallica play like Metallica shit the bed shit the bed again!!! You see Jason there’s only one AC/DC just like there’s only one slayer there’s only one Aerosmith!!! There’s only one RUSH!! And ride up there in my opinion with AC/DC is Iron Maiden!! Now I see Jason were comparing apples to apples here and oranges to oranges if you will and to answer your question Jason or Metallica lost sight and in my opinion where they lost there opportunity to be the only one that plays metallica unfortunately isn’t Metallica because they pissed that way when they jump ship on their routes and their true Metallica fans when they put grunge metal garage metal And thrash metal together that my friend was fucking metallica!! Unfortunately metallica sold us out for the radio time and all the other BS And this so-called infamous metallica you speak of and in reality the irony of the story is here is Metallica could’ve stuck to their guns because guess what one SiriusXM satellite and all that broke through Nobody gave a shit about the radio no more bands like propane slayer slipknot all could be heard on the fucking radio every day brother they didn’t sell outVery true fans to go play like white snake and poison and Bon Jovi Bon Jovi!!!!! I hate to be this rough on you guys Metallica because I am God knows I love the true real metallica but you shit on your fans brother your true fans there’s a difference between your true Metallica fans and your Yuppie ass fans on the radio!!! Soul to make a long story short Jason to answer your question there’s a lot of bands they can hold a candle to ask the metallic I can promise you that and how!!!!

    And I truly hope that this gets out there and other people read it I want to hear feedback from other people other true Metallica fans and I want to know their thoughts and feelings about what I say here I put it out here in front of God and everybody I wear my rock ‘n’ roll heavy metal roots on my right sleeve 13 years old I went and seen iron maiden at Chicago fest in 1982 number of the beast Lakeshore Drive pavilion!! Me and 11 of my friends 12 years old the youngest 15 years old the oldest and we took an Amtrak train from Aurora Illinois to Chicago on accompanied by any adults I’ve been rocking since Moby Dick‘s been a minnow!!! I was listening to Jimi Hendrix 7 years old wearing in Hendrix shirts to grade school!! I had a portable eight track player the played Hendrix and kiss when I was seven !!! And I said I had two bands AC/DC being one of them and God smacks fixing to creep up and wear your ass out!! Again Jason we’re talking about bands it’s stuck to their guns brother!! As true Metal fans and matter fact any genre of music they’ve all got their followers and they’re diehard country folks country singers fans !! You see JASON we’ve all got one thing in common we stick to our guns !!! Because that’s what life‘s about When the ship rolled in and you left this odd man out!!! There’s one more rip for you from PRO PAIN ! So in the end Jason in my opinion metallica is not in that class now you can say they sold whatever they didn’t records and all that other BS I want to comes down to the apples and the apples and the oranges in the oranges sticking to their guns to their colors and their fans!! Where would you rate Metallica on that on your scale of greatness your scale of holiness and Heynis where does that rate Jason??? As Paul Harvey said and that’s the rest of the story!!! Peace brother Jason I love you man but the facts are the facts if the shoe fits wear it and again folks anybody is reading this this is just my opinion everybody’s entitled to their‘s just as Jason was when he spoke in his article I speak for the true Metallica fans we all know who we are and Jason most of all Metallica knows who we are so with that said God bless and rock on brother and I want to give a shout out to the bad ass little dudes on Facebook I got tears in my eyes Caleb is one bad ass drummer that young man is the Michael Jordan of Drummond he’s coming he’s coming you mark my words God bless you all rock on!!

    Yours truly RM Ness

  2. Except Queen, Led Zeppelin, ACDC and a few others have sold more records. Even Garth Brooks have sold more records in the IS than metallica

  3. The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and Metallica are three greatest rock bands of all time, and if you consider the impact they have had and how long they have kept the train rolling, Metallica is the greatest of all time. The Beatles owned the 1960s, Zeppelin owned the 1970s, but Metallica is still going strong 40 years later. I mean, it’s not even close actually. Though I will grant ACDC and the Rolling Stones deserve honorable mention but don’t hold a candle to the cultural and generational impact of Metallica.

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