Guitarist Admits Ozzy Osbourne Hates His Beloved Classic Album

Guitarist Admits Ozzy Osbourne Hates His Beloved Classic Album

In a new interview with The Metal Voice, Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. admitted that Ozzy Osbourne told him at the time that he hates his fourth classic solo album, The Ultimate Sin.

The Ultimate Sin was thee fourth solo studio effort of Ozzy Osbourne that was a follow-up to his third record, Bark At The Moon. The album was released on February 22, 1986. It was certified 2x Platinum by RIAA, Gold by ARIA, Platinum by MC, and Silver by BPI. The album has sold 4.490,000 copies worldwide, which makes it the fifth best-selling Ozzy Osbourne album of all time.

Ozzy Osbourne gained international fame for being the lead vocalist and co-founder of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Debuted in 1970 with the band’s self-titled studio album, Ozzy Osbourne had released 10 studio albums with the band. His latest album with the band was the band’s 19th studio album, 13.

Releasing 12 solo studio albums during his ongoing solo career, Ozzy Osbourne had launched his solo career when he was first dismissed from the band. He released his debut solo studio album in 1980, titled Blizzard of Ozz, and was certified 5x platinum by RIAA with the album. Ozzy Osbourne had released his twelfth and latest album, Ordinary Man, in 2020.

Recently, former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. talked about Osbourne‘s beloved albums, Blizzard of Ozz, Bark At The Moon and Diary Of A Madman while also praising legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads. At first, the musician revealed which of the first two Ozzy Osbourne albums he prefers.

“I cannot really pick which one I like more,” he says. “The biggest hit, of course, is on the first album, ‘Crazy Train,’ but the second album is the one that I was exposed to first.

“From an emotional side, that was the first album I heard from Ozzy. They both have my top spot. What made the Randy Rhoads’ albums so special was a combination of things.

“It was the way he blended a European flavor of playing with a classic American rock style. Randy Rhoads was able to play metal riffs and leads and kind of put them in a sort of a pop-rock song format for the radio.

“What Zakk Wylde had said was that Rhoads was like the prototype of the modern metal guitar player and I really agree with that statement. There are just so many things that made Randy Rhoads special.”

Gus Admits Ozzy Osbourne Hates ‘The Ultimate Sin’

Elsewhere in the interview, the interviewer asked the guitarist what he thinks about The Ultimate Sin. The guitarist admitted that Ozzy Osbourne hates his fourth classic, The Ultimate Sin, because it reminds him of his life’s bad period.

“I love the song ‘Shot in the Dark,’ and there are also a lot of hidden gems on that album too – like ‘Lightning Strikes,’ ‘Killer of Giants,'” the guitarist continues.

“I remember telling Ozzy how I liked the album and he told me how much he hated the album because it was a bad period in his life and he didn’t like the mix.”

When the interviewer asked about Bark At The Moon, the guitarist said that the title track is his favorite.

“The title track, it has to be one of my favorite Ozzy songs and when we played live with Ozzy we opened the shows with that and it was fantastic,” he reveals.

Back in mid-October, Ozzy Osbourne had detailed his upcoming solo studio album that is a follow-up to Ordinary Man. According to Osbourne, his thirteenth solo album is similar in tone to Ordinary Man.

“It’s going to be similar in tone to ‘Ordinary Man,’” Osbourne says, “but I can’t describe it completely. I’ve not heard it for a while because it keeps going over to the next person to add their parts — we’re fucking around with it all the time.”

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