FFDP’s Zoltan Bathory Talks About Their Difficult Days and Upcoming Album ‘F8’

In a new interview with ITV News, Zoltan Bathory, the guitarist of the American thrash metal band Five Finger Death Punch, has talked about the band’s difficult days, which was also included Ivan Moody‘s rehab, and revealed the unheard comment about the band’s upcoming eighth studio album “F8”.

While talking about the band’s difficult days, Zoltan stated that they were growing exponentially, but at the same time, the band was also falling from the inside.

“We were growing exponentially – arena after arena, just bigger and bigger shows. It became this juggernaut touring the world, while inside the band there was this tornado of insanity.

“So, while the band was growing, from the inside, it was also falling apart. And it came to a head. It was highly publicized, so I can talk about it – it’s not something that we can hide from the world. But two years ago, that was when we hit the wall.”

When talking about Ivan Moody‘s rehab, Zoltan also touched that Motley Crue legend Nikki Sixx visited them in the dressing room and that Nikki was influenced by them.

“It was absolutely crazy, because we hid it from the world – most of it. And when your peers, especially peers like the guys from Motley Crue, like Nikki Sixx, and people like that, who have been in the middle of that, comes over to your dressing room.

“We were on tour with SIXX:A.M., with his band, and he was just shaking his head, like, ‘Oh my God, guys. This is insane. You guys have everything in the world. Your band is blowing up. This is the position everybody wants to be. What the hell are you guys doing?’”

He continued: “One way or another – some of them went to rehab, some of them kicked it on their own. It’s a pretty common thing, because it’s easy. It’s almost like a thing; it’s a lifestyle. Like, ‘You’re a rock star. You have to throw out a TV from a hotel room.’ ‘Let me see… Hotel room. Okay. TV. Bam!’ It’s almost like there’s a script. Everybody kind of falls into the same stuff; it just happens.”

He also talked about their upcoming album “F8” and stated that this is the most important album of them.

“We had an extremely successful, yet tumultuous couple of years as a band. We didn’t just weather the storm but came out on the other side better than ever. It was a focused sober group recording, our most important album to date and without a question it shows.”


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