Fans Says Black Sabbath Star Ozzy Osbourne Should Retire

The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Black Sabbath has just updated its social media accounts with rare photos including the band’s legendary members Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, and took fans back to their Melbourne show, which held in 2013.

In the show played 7 years ago, Black Sabbath has rocked the crowd at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne in Australia as always.

Black Sabbath sent the photo with the following caption: “April 29, 2013 at @RodLaverArena, Melbourne, AU.”

In the comments of the post, while some fans say Ozzy Osbourne is one of the greatest musicians in heavy metal, they added that they wanted to see him long times. On the other hand, many fans disagreed with them.

In Instagram, while a fan named Lucian writes, “Ozzy should really retire. He is in horrible shape,” a fan named Galileo Moriarty said, “I honestly don’t think Ozzy will ever sing live again, and if he does it will be horrible and embarrassing.”

The photos were taken during the band’s “Reunion Tour,” which celebrates the band’s 2012 reunion and in support of their nineteenth studio album called “13.”

The tour’s lineup consisting of Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Tony Iommi on lead guitars, Geezer Butler on bass, Adam Wakeman on rhythm guitar, and Tommy Clufetos on drums.

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  1. No he shouldn’t retire 1 more yr then retire,I’d like to see him 1 more time,his concerts are great

  2. I read years ago where Ozzy, himself said that he really did want to retire but then said that at the rate that Sharon was spending money that it was impossible for him to retire. I have been wondering if the Osbourne family haven’t already spent some of the money made from pre-ticket sales and how it would be too much of a financial strain to refund all of that money leaving them in a financial quandary, damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Once you have lived in a expensive lifestyle, such as theirs it becomes hard not to live in that lifestyle.

  3. If Ozzy can do it one final tour in support of his new cd would be great. Perhaps a taped show that could be a payper view.

  4. Ozzy should retire.. and for once do the right thing and give Randy Rhoads the humongous debt of gratitude he’s owed and was never given. As well as Bob Daisley!! They should have released the film’s that Sharon had professionally filmed on the Diary tour with Randy that’s a FACT that she had taken. As well as they should have paid Bob Daisley the millions he rightfully asked for…for the hours of recordings and films he has with Randy!! The Holy Grail. It’s disgusting and despicable that she cares more about screwing Over Bob rather than doing what’s right for Randy’s legacy, memory and history! Ozz sounds horrible live anyway and Randy deserves so much better!

  5. Anything short of having to wheel him out on stage, Ozzy should have at ‘er until his last breath.

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