Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Sends Weird Morning Message Using Bathtub

The American musician Tommy Lee, also known as the drummer of the world-known heavy metal band Motley Crue, which announced its reunion with a 2020 Stadium Tour, has just shared a new post through his social media account and sent a weird morning message using a heel-shaped tub.

In the post he shared, there was a heel-shaped tub in butterfly details. Also, the walls of the bathroom were shining brightly. Tommy Lee stated that he thought it could be great for his wife. But he could not pass without saying that he would look great in it.

Tommy Lee put the following caption in the description of the photo: “Dayum….I must find my wife this bathtub! Shit i’de look good in it too….”

As a comment to the photo, the fans stated that it would be great for Tommy Lee and his mad life. They also added that they dreamed of Tommy inside the tub and it looked great.

You can find the photo shared by Tommy Lee below.

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