Slayer’s Gary Holt Remembers The Emotional Detail In His Life

The legendary musician Gary Holt, known with his 8-year career with the Grammy Award-winner thrash metal band Slayer, has remembered his childhood with a meme he shared recently through his social media account.

In the meme shared by Gary Holt, there was kids who play baseball in the street. The meme was about it. In the photo, it was writing, “If you played in the street and remember yelling ‘car,’ you had an awesome childhood!!”

Gary Holt is one of those people who remembers the moment, has shared his honest thoughts about the moment and said: “Yep! My childhood was spent in the streets!”

Like the other fans, the Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser has remembered his childhood and shared in the comments of the photo that they were playing football in Brazil.

You can find the post below.

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