The world-famous guitarist Nita Strauss has just posted a new photo through her official social media account and showed her beauty with a selfie. She revealed which emoji she looks like in the ninth quarantined day.

In the photo she shared, NitaΒ was wearing a black Beverly Kills jacket. Also, as we saw in the photo, Nita kept a Spider-Man toy on the shelves of her wardrobe. The lines of her face seemed like the emoji she shared. You can see the caption of the photo she shared below.

β€œDay 9: I have become this emoji πŸ™‡πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.”

In the comments of the photo, a fan had asked a question that might make sense. A fan named Brian Tice asked Nita that why she was wearing a snow jacket at this time in Los Angeles. Nita replied:

β€œBecause my boyfriend keeps our house as cold as a refrigerator.”

Also, many fans have stated that Nita is very beautiful and that they admire her.


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