David Draiman Speaks On Live Shows Related To Astroworld Tragedy: “And For That To Be Bastardized Is Unforgivable”

David Draiman Speaks On Live Shows Related To Astroworld Tragedy: "And For That To Be Bastardized Is Unforgivable"

In a new interview with WPLA radio station, Disturbed frontman David Draiman has commented on live shows by touching on to recent Astroworld tragedy and said that he is still devastated by the incident that happened.

David Draiman is known for being the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Disturbed. He had joined the band in 1996. Debuted in 2000 with the band’s The Sickness, Draiman performed in every one of Disturbed‘s albums during his ongoing career with the band. His latest album with the band was 2018’s Evolution.

Over the years, rock and metal live shows or festivals have been referred to as the craziest shows worldwide. During the shows, the flames went up, fights broke out, and much more happened. Even at a recent event, the fans were exposed to rubber bullets from policemen.

During Travis Scott‘s Astrowold concert in Houston, ten people died, and more than 300 fans were injured after a crowd surge. Even though the incident happened weeks ago, there are still people that are affected psychologically and damaged.

Recently, David Draiman has spoken out about the recent Astroworld tragedy. At first, the musician commented on what live shows mean to people and fans in the community. He also revealed the unforgivable bastardized thing about live concerts or festivals.

“I think that we’ve spent too much time over the course of the past number of years being separated from one another and being divided and being so concerned about ourselves as individuals that we’ve forgotten how to come together — that we’ve forgotten what it means to be there for the same reason and the same cause and to feel the same feelings that everyone is on that same song and place and that strikes a chord in everyone,” Draiman says.

“The whole mentality, this predatory mentality, this mentality of only caring for yourself, of trying to take what you can get whenever the opportunity presents itself, to not specifically look out for others, to not specifically look out to try and shelter those who are weaker than you, to look out for those who aren’t as strong as you are, it’s contrary to the fiber of my being and I can’t believe how prevalent the mentality has become.

“I just think that concerts, big events like that, in particular, are supposed to be our opportunity to show the world what we’re capable of when we come together as one, in safety, in unity and in strength and in joy.

“And for that to be perverted and for that to be bastardized is unforgivable — absolutely unforgivable. People need to remember that we are all family, we are all connected, and to cherish life.”

David Draiman Is Still Devastated By The Astroworld Tragedy

David Draiman then admitted that he is still devastated by the recent Astroworld tragedy. He also addressed the rumor that Travis Scott could control the chaos. According to him, fans cannot expect somebody to control chaos if they have no experience controlling it.

“I’m still devastated by the events that had happened,” Draiman adds. “My heart goes out to the families who are mourning and to those who are injured. Look, my heart goes out to even the people who were at the forefront.

“You cannot expect somebody to control chaos if they have no experience controlling it; it’s not an easy thing to do. Maybe at the very least this will be a learning experience for everyone involved.

“But I think we’re kind of fatigued of learning experiences, of having people needing to lose their lives for us to finally wake up.”

Back on November 16, David Draiman had discussed The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger’s performance at his 78. He also touched on The Stones‘ chemistry.

“You know what amazes me is that after all these years that Mick can still just go up there and slay it the way that he does,” he says.

“I mean, they all have their chemistry, but he’s the frontman to kind of teach all other frontmen, like, ‘You think you can do what I do at my age?’

“I can’t do what he does at my age currently now, forget about when I get to his age, so it’s unbelievable, the energy and the precision, and just the level of showmanship that he continues to exude, it’s intimidating and inspiring at the same time.”

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  1. Blood is on Travis Scotts bands , his fans begged him to stop the show and people came up in the stage and told him there were dead people , he saw the abula ce and still wouldn’t stop the show

  2. David’s comments on concert crowds and looking out for others etc. should be spread —poignant film footage and voiceover would also be nice. Wow. So well said and every word true.
    I also like how he praised the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger for their incredible decades of music and performing with no signs of stopping. There are no equals. Yet I read of older rock band guys publicly putting the Stones down for skimpy reasons. How sad the power of jealousy.

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