Danko Jones Blasts Metallica’s James Hetfield After His Vaccine Statements

The Canadian rock musician Danko Jones has just added a couple of tweets to his account and blasted the heavy metal band Metallica frontman James Hetfield after his vaccine statements.

As you remember, James Hetfield told The Fierce Life podcast this past March that he is a little skeptical of getting the vaccine and that he hopes that “it doesn’t come to a point where you have to have that COVID stamp in your passport or something to go everywhere.”

Recently, Danko Jones took to his Twitter account to react to James Hetfield‘s those words and blasted him by saying he did not surprise.

“FIRSTLY, not surprised,” he said in his first tweet. “SECONDLY, you already need proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever, Polio & Meningococcal meningitis when traveling to certain countries. How does James Hetfield, with all his years of touring, not know this already?”

Following his tweet, the musician said that he got several messages from Metallica fans that disturbed him. After that, Danko called James Hetfield a “dangerously irresponsible” person.

“Let me double down here because I’m getting a bunch of METALLICA fans tweeting me,” he tweeted. “Hetfield publicly stating he’s ‘skeptical’ of Covid vaccines, given his elevated platform is dangerously irresponsible and helps create even more vaccine hesitancy than there already is.”

At press time, there were more than 33,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. While more than 26 million people were recovered themselves from the virus, almost 600,000 people have passed away.

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