Corey Taylor Praises Metallica: “Enter Sandman Was Our Generation’s Stairway To Heaven or Smoke On The Water”

Corey Taylor Praises Metallica: "Enter Sandman Was Our Generation's Stairway To Heaven or Smoke On The Water"
Corey Taylor praises Metallica by touching on Enter Sandman.

The American heavy metal band Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has sent praising words for Metallica in the celebration of the band’s newest massive reissue, The Metallica Blacklist, which is a tribute collection of the band’s The Black Album.

Metallica was formed in 1981 by the band’s frontman James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Having sold over 125 million albums worldwide as of 2018, Metallica has released ten studio albums in total. The nite-time Grammy Award-winner band has also released one cover album, four live albums, 37 singles, and 39 music videos by now.

Metallica had released the new massive reissue of the band’s self-titled The Black Album, The Blacklist, on September 10, 2021. In the tribute collection, the band’s Black Album‘s songs had covered by some musicians in different genres, including Miley Cyrus, J Balvin, The Hu, Elton John, Ghost, Weezer, St. Vincent, Diet Cig, Jon Pardi, and more.

Corey Taylor was one of those who appeared in the tribute collection. He covered the band’s classic Holier Than Thou. The musician had gone out to his official YouTube channel to publish his Metallica cover.

Recently, he interviewed Ryan J. Downey to celebrate his contribution to The Metallica Blacklist album. Opening up about Metallica, the musician revealed that Enter Sandman was the first song he learned how to play on guitar from Metallica. He also praised the band by touching on the song and said it’s familiar to Stairway To Heaven.

“One of the first songs I ever learned how to play on guitar was ‘Enter Sandman,'” Taylor said. “Because that was kind of our generation’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’ or ‘Smoke On The Water’. It’s one of those riffs that… I like to call if the Guitar Center virus. Anybody who comes in is either playing ‘Sandman’, ‘Crazy Train’, ‘Smoke On The Water’ or ‘Stairway’ or ‘Whole Lotta Love’… You have those gateway riffs where you go, ‘Oh, I figured it out.’

“I sat down one day, as I got better at guitar, and I went back and listened to the first four Metallica albums and just started woodshedding and learning all these riffs. And it became a sort of language that you could speak to other musicians when you’re jamming for the first time.”

Corey Taylor Admits He Always Played Metallica In The Bands He’s Been In

Continuing to reveal his thoughts about Metallica and their songs, Corey Taylor admitted that he always played Metallica in the bands he’s ever been in.

“If you kicked into ‘Blitzkrieg’ or something, or if you kicked into ‘Ride The Lightning’ and just started, and they kicked in with you, you knew you were off to the races, because you don’t just learn that riff; you learn the whole tune and you just go for it,” he continued.

“So it was almost like an initiation in a weird way; you knew how to do it. So I played Metallica in almost every band that I’ve been in; it’s always just been there. I mean, from my first sort-of-real band Criminal Mischief all the way up to my solo band.”

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