The Epic Photo Of Black Sabbath & Van Halen Revealed

The legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath, who takes fans back to the past with the posts they shared every day, contacted fans with a recent post they shared through its social media and revealed one of the rarest poses taken in 1978.

In the post shared by Black Sabbath, there was a 2-photo collage including Black Sabbath and Van Halen. The members of the bands were looking very satisfied the moment they’ve lived at the time. They were posing happily while drinking.

Black Sabbath added the following words in the description: “May 23, 1978 with @VanHalen.”

The fans who saw the post seemed quite happy because of seeing that rare photo. They expressed their gratitude to them by responding to Black Sabbath’s post.

Yesterday, Black Sabbath took fans back to 1970 and remembered the special show they played at The Institute in Blackwood.

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