Red Hot Chili Peppers Star Flea Refuses To Stay Home

The American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has just shared a new moment and revealed how he spends his coronavirus days with an activity he made recently.

With a new photo he sent through his social media accounts recently, Flea stated that he climbed the mountain peak in the morning and said it was fun.

When he describe the moment he lived, Flea wrote the following statement in the description of the collage he shared: “Me and Tom ran to the top of a high mountain peak this morning and I’m high as a kite from it, swimming in an ocean of endorphins. One with it all! One with you!”

The fans criticized Flea after his irresponsible behavior. Fans discussed in the comments that he should stay home and keep himself isolated. While some fans getting angry at him for this behavior, some fans enjoyed the moment.

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