Brian May On The Beatles: “They Are The Pinnacle Of Rock Music”

Brian May On The Beatles: "They Are The Pinnacle Of Rock Music"

Queen guitarist Brian May has sent praising words for one of the rock pioneer’s The Beatles and admitted that they are the pinnacle and writing and rock music.

Brian May is known for being the guitarist and keyboardist of his co-founded rock band Queen. The legendary musician’s huge impact on his band Queen made them one of the biggest rock bands in rock history. During his ongoing career with Queen, Brian May released 15 studio albums. Debuted with the band’s 1973-released self-titled Queen, Brian‘s latest album with the band was the band’s final studio album, Made In Heaven.

Those two artists are still inspiring young musicians with their great contributions to rock and roll. While Brian May is continuing with Queen, who also features Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert, the remaining members of The Beatles, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney, have been growing up their catalog. Moreover, Paul McCartney becomes the richest rockstar in the world.

However, during an interview with Express, Brian May has praised the 7-time Grammy Awards-winner, The Beatles. Saying that The Beatles was his Bible, Brian added that they were models back in the day. He also said that they are still looking for models for him, which means he loves them so much.

“The Beatles were our Bible,” May said. “Absolutely at every stage in their career and their music development, they were models. And they still are to me, I must say.”

Brian May Claims The Beatles Is The ‘Pinnacle Of Rock Music’

Brian then revealed his honest remarks about The Beatles. Saying that they are the greatest band ever, Brian added that The Beatles is the pinnacle of rock music and performance. According to him, Beatles changed the world a couple of times.

“I love all those albums,” May continued. “To me, they are the greatest. They are the pinnacle of writing, performance, and ethos of rock music. They broke down so many barriers, they changed the world many times. I will always love The Beatles without any reservation.

“I feel like they’ve been underrepresented in the world as it is today. The kids today don’t know The Beatles as much as they ought to.

“The Beatles should be woven into people’s lives in the way Queen music is these days.”

Elsewhere in the interview, May has also respected the band’s bassist George Harrison. He said that Harrison is an underrated guitarist.

“He played one of my guitars which is nice,” May reveals. “I love George, I love his playing. I think he’s still underrated. Wonderful!”

Back in November 2021, The Beatles guitarist Paul McCartney had recalled his band’s near-fatal car incident. During the interview, the guitarist had revealed a stupid thing related to the moment. Those moments were related to the band’s classic song Something.


“I always thought it was one of the greatest mottos, which is like, we’re standing around, the four of us with the van out of commission and our roadie thinking, ‘Oh my god, how am I going to get this?’” McCartney said.

“Because it was a slope that we’ve gone down. You couldn’t just drive the van back up the slope. We’re sitting around, and somebody said, ‘Well, what are we going to do now…?’

“And then one of us, I can’t remember which, said, ‘Something’ll happen,’ and it was like, ‘Wow, that is the greatest quote ever!’

“Because in life, when you’re facing these crazy things, something’ll happen, and it always seemed to console us.

“And I’ve told quite a few people since then, when you’re in your darkest moments, just remember that incredibly intelligent Beatle quote, ‘Something’ll happen.’”


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