Following the coronavirus threatening, many memes have been created in social media, which include the artists from the whole genre. One of the successful rock musicians of the rock n roll community, Alice Cooper, has posted a new photo through his social media account, which includes his meme.

In the photo shared by Alice Cooper, Alice was in the State of North Carolina rostrum to speak as a governor. Of course, the photo was not real. The Alice Cooper body on the rostrum was taken from a stage performance by Alice.

In the meme, it was writing, “Gov Cooper, announcing school will remain closed through summer.”

Alice Cooper put the following words in the description of the post he shared: “Well, we got no choice…”

Many fans expressed in the comments of the photo that they wish Alice Cooper as their governor. Also, the fans enjoyed the meme who saw it.

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Well, we got no choice…

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  1. Alice ,.i.will always be a fan of yours…since 1973 !!! I also saw.u at a Joyce Meyer conference ! God ,Jesus and the Holy Ghost love you!

  2. I’m yankee doodle dandy in a gold rolls royce, i wanna be elected, kids want a savior, dont need a saint, i wanna be elected, we’re all gonna rock to the rules that i make, elected!!!


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