Aerosmith Cancels A Part Of Las Vegas Residency Shows After Steven Tyler Entered Rehab

Aerosmith Cancels A Part Of Las Vegas Residency Shows After Steven Tyler Entered Rehab

Aerosmith has just announced via its social media pages that they were forced to be canceled their part of Las Vegas residency shows after the band’s lead vocalist Steven Tyler entered a treatment program.

Consisting of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford on guitars, Steven Tyler on vocals, Tom Hamilton on bass, and Joey Kramer on drums, Aerosmith is a rock band formed in Boston in 1970. They are referred to as America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band and The Bad Boys From Boston for their full of successful careers for nearly 50 years. During that period, they have released 15 studio albums, 7 live albums, 2 EPs, and 16 compilation albums and have sold more than 150 million albums all around the world.

As some of you might know, most rock and roll musicians have been struggling with alcohol and heroin addiction since their first movement in the era. Started drinking alcohol at an early age, and they are also trying to be a sober person and trying to stay away from alcohol, describing it as a bad habit. While some of them succeeded in that, a couple of them had got some help to do it. Except for drinking alcohol and usage of drugs, they went through serious health issues.

Steven Tyler is one of those musicians who want to stay sober and live a healthy life after all those years. Over the years, he had a lot of fun drinking and using drugs with their friends and bandmates in Aerosmith. In the past, he had also said that his drug use got to a point where nothing mattered more to him.

As Steven Tyler entered rehab recently, Aerosmith showed off its help to him by sending a supportive message to the vocalist. Announcing that they have canceled June and July 2022 dates for its Las Vegas residency after Steven Tyler entered rehab, they revealed that Steven was voluntary.

“As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years,” Steven says. “After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery.”

When the band talked about tickets, they said: “If you purchased your tickets via Ticketmaster, you will be refunded and will receive an email shortly with details, otherwise please contact your point of purchase for information on refunds.”

Aerosmith Thanks Fans For Sending Helpful Messages For Steven Tyler

In the continuation of the statement, the band expressed that they were sad about breaking down fans’ expectations and canceling shows. They also thanked fans for sending helpful and heartwarming messages for Steven Tyler.

“We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must cancel our first set of Las Vegas Residency dates this June and July while he focuses on his well-being,” he continued.

“We will continue our 2022 dates starting in September, and we’ll let you know any further updates as soon as we can. We are devastated that we have inconvenienced so many of you, especially our most loyal fans who often travel great distances to experience our shows.

“Thank you for your understanding and for your support for Steven during this time.”

Back in August 2021, Steven Tyler‘s bandmate Joe Perry had explained why he wanted to fire Tyler and to hire Sammy Hagar instead of him. He said that he thought Hagar is a mellow guy and easy to work with.

“It was really another one of those times, you don’t keep a band together without a lot of bumps,” Perry said.

“I won’t get into the names because I’ve heard of bands that just would not…

“They didn’t even talk to each other when they would have a band meeting, they’d walk in and each one would have the lawyer with a briefcase, they would get their business done and then walk out.

“They weren’t the guys they were when they first started… There’s a lot of that, every band has its ups and downs. It just was at a point where…

“I’m not sure, everybody has something. When I left the band for four years [in 1979], and I have since put out six or seven solo records, I got another one coming out…

“But anyway, over the years, everybody has to bust out and do what they want. And I remember Steven doing that TV show, I thought that was great.

“I just knew he had to do something like that, and doing this that solo record that he did. So the band wasn’t that tight, there was talk and there were so many people involved – lawyers, different managers…

“I thought Steven wants maybe to take four years off, do what he wants to do. And so the whole looking around for another lead singer thing, just as soon as that happened, that raised its head.

“I’m not sure how it got out there, but Sam I know as a really mellow guy, easy to get along with. And he definitely had the pipes – so I can see why that idea had been floated.

“But we also had a shortlist at that point. Things went the way they did, everybody got out of the system what they wanted to, and then we slowly glued back together.

“You could say that they had split apart more than when I and Brad left. There were other times when we were like, ‘OK, that’s enough, we’ve done enough,’ whether it was Steven or whatever.

“That’s what it takes to keep it together. But as of today, I consider him the brother that I never had.

“We’re probably as close together now as we’ve ever been, and we’re looking forward to getting back on the road together. It’s a long journey, man, and the steps go sideways, it would have been an interesting thing if it came to pass.”

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