Aaron Lewis: “Maybe We Should Listen To What Vladimir Putin Is Saying”

Aaron Lewis: "Maybe We Should Listen To What Vladimir Putin Is Saying"

The American outspoken Aaron Lewis has shared his recent remarks on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and called people to question everything, adding that people should listen to what Russian president Vladimir Putin is saying.

Aaron Lewis is known for his works with Staind, being the rhythm guitarist, lead vocalist, and founding member of the band. At press time, Lewis contributed to the band’s every one of releases from one to the latest. The band’s 1996-year debut release Tormented marked his first with them. 2011’s self-titled Staind was his latest release as a member of Staind.

Out of his Staind career, Aaron Lewis has released four solo studio albums to date. Debuted in 2012 with The Road, the musician’s latest solo studio album was Frayed At Both Ends, which was released on January 28, 2022. For a while, the singer described himself as a solo country artist.

During his recent show on March 17 concert at Vern Riffe Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, Aaron Lewis mentioned the Russia-Ukraine crisis before he sang Am I The Only One. Saying that they have the most corrupt country in the world, the government is representing themselves, not people.

“So, I’m not gonna go into some big get-myself-in-trouble dissertation,” he says. “All I’m gonna say is this: question everything. Everything that they’re telling you right now is a lie. Everything.

“We need to come to grips with something, people. This is our country. We own the most corrupt country in the world. So my question is, what are we gonna do about it? Because we put these people where they sit, to become corrupt and to sell us out all for their gain and not for ours. They’re supposed to represent us, not themselves. And they’re all guilty of it — 90 percent of ’em.”

Aaron Lewis Claims ‘Maybe People Should Listen To What Vladimir Putin Is Saying’

Aaron Lewis then blasted both Democrats and Republicans. Claiming that they all need to be removed, Lewis added that Americans are losing standing in the world day by day. Elsewhere, he claimed that maybe people should listen to what Vladimir Putin is saying.

“I don’t know who’s worse — the Democrats that are trying to destroy this country or the Republicans that sit idly by while they do so,” he continued. “They all need to be removed. We need to start voting for people that aren’t lifetime politicians because those are the most lecherous, snake-in-the-grass pieces of shit that you can ever possibly put into power.

“The next governor needs to be you. The next senator needs to be you. We need to pick from our peers, people — people that have good ideas that we can stand behind; not these fucking snake oil salesmen that tell us everything we wanna hear. And until we wake up, this country is going off the cliff, people.

“We have no order. We have no president. Every single day that goes by, we lose standing in the world. Everyone’s laughing at us. Everyone is positioning themselves against us.

“And it’s not us — it’s the government that we put in power. These are the people that are making us look bad throughout the entire world — the same people that have you convinced that we all need to support Ukraine even though all of their money laundering systems, all of their everything, the way that they get all their kickbacks and they wash everything is all through the Ukraine.”

He continued: “You know, as fucked up as it sounds, maybe we should listen to what Vladimir Putin is saying. Maybe, just maybe, when Klaus Schwab and George Soros and every other dirty fucking earth-destroying motherfucker all jumps on the same bandwagon, maybe, just maybe we should fucking take a good look at that. Why are they trying to protect Ukraine so much? What do they all have to lose?

“It’s all bullshit. It’s all bullshit. Have you seen the pictures with wooden guns and all the bodies in body bags laying in the background, and all of a sudden one of the bodies starts moving and fucking sits up and fixes its fucking body bag while the reporter is reporting?”

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  1. Aaron Lewis needs to move to Moscow that is where he belongs this is our country and that is the best that we have right now either you are for it or against it if you’re against it get the f*** out

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