Wolfgang Breaks Silence On Steven Wilson’s ‘Never a Fan’ Words About Eddie Van Halen: “Damn This Bums Me Out Hard”

Former Van Halen bassist and Eddie Van Halen‘s talented son, Wolfgang Van Halen, responded to Steven Wilson‘s remarks about his father Eddie Van Halen and shared his current feelings after his words.

As reported recently, Steven Wilson told in a recent interview with Face Culture that rock icon Eddie Van Halen’s tragic passing did not affect him because he was never a fan. Although he added Eddie Van Halen was an extraordinary musician, Steven‘s comments saddened Wolfgang Van Halen.

Recently, through his official Twitter account, Wolfgang Van Halen shared his feelings about Steven Wilson‘s ‘never a fan’ words about his father Eddie Van Halen and stated that his comments bummed him out hard.

Wolfgang said, “Damn this bums me out hard 😞 Been a huge fan of his for years. Deadwing is one of my favorite albums of all time.”

Wolfgang added, “What hurts is that he seems to only view Pop as a ‘shredder’ when in my opinion he was anything but. Sure, he COULD shred, but Pop had melody and finesse like NO other ‘shredder’ that swam in his wake ever had (in my opinion) and on top of that he was an incredible songwriter.”

He concluded, “It’s absolutely OK that he’s not a fan. Not everyone is going to be a fan of everything. It just sucks that he ‘blames’ Pop for shredding being a thing (?) To make things CRYSTAL CLEAR, I’d like to add that this in NO way changes how I feel about Steven Wilson, or his music. I guess it’s just a bummer that a stellar musician I hold in such high regard doesn’t see what I see when it comes to my father and his playing. End of rant.”

You can read the tweet series below.

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