Cristina Scabbia Says Exciting Lacuna Coil News Will Be Come This Week

Cristina Scabbia, one of two vocalists of the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, excited fans with the post she shared on her official Instagram page and keep fans focus on the band’s upcoming plans.

In the social media post, Cristina Scabbia sent a mirror selfie of herself. She was on her working desk and drinking coffee while working. According to her, life is still busy even she is at home and not going anywhere with the tour bus.

“PCs, lots of coffee and weekly planner in front of me, Cristina Scabbia captioned. “Even from home and not a tour bus (😭) life is still busy. Lots of great plans for @lacunacoilofficial this week but we’ll let you guys know soon about them! Hope you guys are doing great and had a great weekend and beginning of the week.”

Under her social media post, fans expressed their excitement. While a fan named Liz has written, “Excited to see what is to come! Your motivation for projects and positivity is inspiring,” many people showed their agreement by liking the comment.

You can find the post below.

credit: Cristina Scabbia Instagram feed

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