Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Recalls The Heartbreaking Decision He Made Due To Coronavirus

In a recent interview with “Appetite for Distortion,” the English rock band Whitesnake singer David Coverdale has looked back during ongoing coronavirus pandemic and remembered one of the heartbreaking decisions he made due to coronavirus.

While he talks on the issue, David Coverdale has touched the current state of health and informed fans about it. Saying that he should go to the hospital and see a doctor, the successful singer stated that this is not possible because of the coronavirus, but this is understandable.

He said: “I can only do so much physically because I’m suffering from two bilateral hernias, which made their very unwelcome presence felt at my first show in Melbourne earlier this year.

“So I have to have that surgically addressed as soon as possible. Right now, understandably, it’s not something to bring to the front line.

“Hospitals are all engaged with coronavirus victims, quite understandably, so I’ll have to exercise patience and just not strain myself.”

David Coverdale has also stated that he felt very bad when a show has been cancelled. But he added his words that the entire World Tour was devastated him.

“You know, I had to cancel a world tour; when you cancel one show, it’s heartbreaking, but to cancel a world tour which was sold out? Just devastating, it truly is. It’s never been harder in my mind to have to cancel a world tour.”

On March 23, the legendary rock musician David Coverdale has announced that they’ve cancelled their 2020 shows.


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