Ted Nugent Makes Flash Comments: “Steve Marriott Did Stuff That Eddie Van Halen Can’t Do”

The world-known guitarist/political activist Ted Nugent has just made flash comments about the Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen in a recent conversation he made with “Behind The Vinyl” and surprised fans with it.

In the interview, when he was asked if he played bass on his fourteenth and latest record named “The Music Made Me Do It,” which was released on November 9, 2018, Ted Nugent replied:

“Yeah, that’s a phenomenal old classic Fender Bass VI. It’s a Fender six-stringed bass from 1962, I have a ’62 and a ’64 that I got from a great man named Tony Dukes, and you should pursue who Tony Dukes was because he got Billy Gibbons’ first ’59 Les Paul, and he got me my first ’58, ’59 Les Paul.”

Ted Nugent explained which players inspired him in this way, and touched the last days of Steve Marriott and praised him.

“When I play the bass guitar on a song, it’s because as awesome the best players in the world have been at my side from, certainly, Rob Grange and certainly Marco Mendoza and Michael Lutz, and Jack Blades, I mean, they’re all phenomenal, more pure-musical than I am.

“But I think that’s my gold card – I’m effectively musical, but I’m also reasonably dissonant, you know what I mean? You can play perfectly, like, watch the last days of Steve Marriott, it’s just a three-piece and he was playing that Gibson through a Marshall amp.”

While concluding his words, Ted Nugent talked about Eddie Van Halen and revealed that he didn’t do what the 44-year-old musician Steve Marriott can do.

“And can Eddie Van Halen do what Steve Marriott can do? Yes, but guess what? Steve Marriott did stuff that Eddie can’t do, and I’m not knocking anybody or trying to compare, even though I just did, but there’s an edge-clash thing to not trying to be perfectly musical.”


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  1. Steve Marriott was in a rare league that EVH is not a part of, neither is Ted…

  2. Word salad. He’s never been able to put together a coherent thought, but he sure can spit out a lot of words.

  3. Ted’s playing is slop. Any 15-year-old in Guitar Center can smoke his ass these days. And what, did he miss the 80s? EVH was far from the top dawg when that decade came to a close. Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, etc.. he couldn’t have held their pick.

  4. Don’t know why folks have to drown someone to make a comment.

    Ted was stating his opinion …and did so quite politely.

    Could Ted play…? Yep.
    Was he better that Vai…?

    He just stated that others were better.

    To quote a famous western movie ” ….don’t get cocky son, from now on, there’s always gonna someone faster comin’ lookin for you”…

    …iow…u don’t have to trash a legend like Ted…to praise other legends….imo

  5. I like Nugent’s first solo album. After that it’s total cheese. And also, he’s a total fucking idiot.

  6. Esse Ted é musicalmente medíocre. Além de ser racista e facista. Idiota grande coisa uma Gibson 58 se não sabe tocar.

  7. Ted is world class any idiot that would discount that because they don’t like his personality is just that an idiot..I love what Eddie did in his career,what marrieot,and what Ted did they all wrote badass tunes and had the success to prove it only a insecure beginner would say Ted is not a badass guitar one of the best live players to play on a big stage he entertained the world for years you lame fxxx go back to practicing Gilbert,or,Vai,licks for a thousand hours cause you got none of your own.

  8. In his day, Ted was a rarity, able to play better than anyone. Bands were always looking for a guitarist that could play like Ted. Nowadays, 8 year olds can play circles around these old players. But Ted has an identifiable sound that very few have. He has done much with his talent and I appreciate his nod towards a very unappreciated player, one Steve Marriott. They both contributed significantly towards guitar centered rock music.

  9. My opinion evh was a moron. Never much liked him. He can play guitar so can alot other people. Do the ones better than eddie get the hype no they do not. I always thought eddie did cheesy solo’s.

  10. I agree. Unless you really understand music theory and how intricate it becomes yadda yadda yadda. But EVH woulda had his egotistical clock cleaned had Randy Rhodes lived longer. With the work he did on those few albums were by far better than EVH ever thought about. And that’s about all I’m gonna say bout tat.

  11. I love when peeon nobody’s comment on people that have made it big, you know they just wish they could have even roadied for the players their putting down but guess what? They were not even good enough to get that job, as soon as they open their mouths and start bashing you know they are butt hurt, especially the ones that don’t like The players political views, you can tell who those are right off the bat.

  12. Whats the matter Teddy boy seems to me you have alot of hate and bitterness toward Edward, a musician who has done quite a few drugs far and between, yet he still blows you out of the water on his worst day! Teddy just admit it, you are butthurt cuz you got over shadowed by a druggie, alcoholic guitarist that killed and grilled your career! You said it yourself Teddy its a ‘Dog eat Dog” world & Edwards got you on a “Stranglehold” baby!

  13. Can’t we all just get along ? Letting someone be who they are is certainly more evolved

  14. Yeah Ted you are not so great and you had some cool tunes but Eddie was and always will be best guitarist/virtuoso ever and all the awesome other’s,satriani,vai,malmsteen etc were and still are beyond awesome but even they are more technical driven which is great but Eddie VH wrote his own book for us all to read and play and his soul pours right into the crazy insane beautiful God driven guitar playing of EVH!! so bless them all but Ted is a Republican Trump loving gun slinging animal killing jerk with a real chip on his shoulder and hus guitar playing was trash compared to 10 year olds I see playing 😆 lol so Ted,maybe you should take Trump hunting and accidentally shoot him in the ass and give him CORONA virus so he can suffer like the 1000’s of people did if he had acted sooner they would still be alive Trump is psychotic and I never like to talk about people like this especially the POTUS but he is sick abd evil so #DUMPTRUMP2020 and dump Ted Nugent too 2020!! 😆

  15. Marqus Millican, you hit the nail on the head, 100% – and Tony Williams is SO full of it – those guys are all great players, but take Yngwie, for instance. He’s very good and really fast, but he’s so over the top that it gets old very quickly. I’ve played for years, and speed is great, but music is about dynamics and feeling, not how many notes you can spit out. It’s about making it yours, and all those players you named ARE instantly recognizable (but so is Ted) Tony, do you even play? Coz if you did I wouldn’t need to explain this!

  16. If you can say ted nugent can not play a guitar and sucks as a musician yet say you love all the other 60 and 70 rockers….you have a problem with Ted’s political views……you are a moron to be that blind….
    Ted was top number one live act in 1978 and 1979 not to mention the many hits on many albums that radio never played…
    Ted is a living legend that you hater swill never come close to comparing to

  17. Ted stepped out of the spotlight as a guitarist and played bass on this album. Man that says it all.he is a bad ass guitarist and entertainer.. anyone don’t like that well just kiss my ass

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