KISS’s Gene Simmons Remembers The Painful Pandemic He Lived When He Was Child

The 70-aged musician Gene Simmons, best known as the vocalist/bassist of the rock band KISS, has made an important call to people who did not understand the importance of coronavirus and remembered the world pandemic he lived when he was 3-years-old.

Recently, the successful bassist shared an article about the deadly Palio pandemic and ongoing coronavirus outbreak through his social media channels. With his touching letter, Gene Simmons took fans back to 58 years ago and warned people to wear mask and wash the hands.

Gene Simmons put the following letter to warn people about coronavirus: “When I was 3 yrs old, I came down with POLIO in 1952. It was a worldwide pandemic. I survived…The present day lunacy of pandemic deniers, will result in death, for many of them…Wear masks. Wash your hands. Whenever you can. Wherever you can.”

As a response to him, some fans stated that the message shared by Gene Simmons is one of the important and useful messages. Some of them thanked him for his helpful behavior.

Also, all day long, through his Twitter account, Gene Simmons educated fans about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and informed them what will be happening when they wear a mask and wash their hands.

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