Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French Recalls Disrespectful Bob Dylan Show: “Half The People Left”

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French recalled the horrible show Bob Dylan played and revealed how fans reacted to his live performance following his disrespectful act.

During a recent conversation with The Metal Voice, Jay Jay French, who is a huge fan of Bob Dylan, was asked how expensive concerts have become compared to the time of his youth. He touched on Bob Dylan and disclosed his playing style.

“[Bob] Dylan’s indecipherable,” he admitted. “I went to see Dylan a couple of years ago with one of his producers because I heard he was so horrible live you couldn’t understand what he was singing.

“And I wanted to be able to understand what he was singing because I’m a huge Dylan fan. And never saw Dylan, and he was playing down the street from my house.

“And I actually bought a ticket to that show with my wife and was sitting with one of his producers.”

Bob Dylan, 2015. – (image credit: Michael Kovac)

Continuing his words, Twisted Sister guitarist mentioned how Bob Dylan behaved his fans during his live performance and said that it was funny for him.

“He never turned around to the audience, he played with his back to the audience, never talked to the audience, and was indecipherable in his songs,” French reveals.

“It was almost comical, almost like he was saying, ‘Fuck you, you’re idiots, you’re just paying to see a god, and I don’t care.’ And half the audience bought into it because he’s Bob Dylan.”

“‘Hey, man, it’s an artistic statement, he doesn’t turn around, he doesn’t talk to you and you can’t understand what you’re singing, that’s great.’

Bob Dylan playing live

After that, Jay Jay French said that half of the people who went to see Bob Dylan were left the place after Bob’s behavior. He also remembered their reaction to Bob Dylan and blasted him.

“And half the people went,” he added. “‘Are you fucking kidding me?! I can’t understand what he’s singing and he sucks.’

“But Dylan doesn’t care because he’s 83 years old, and millions of people want to see him.

“Frankly, I sat there, and I know the Dylan songbook, and he was halfway through one song, and I’m going, ‘What the fuck?'”

Jay Jay French and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister

Concluding his words, Jay Jay French has also touched how his band Twisted Sister behaved their fans.

“Twisted Sister has never had that mindset,” he said. “Our mindset is that you’re the paying customer, and you deserve the best show we can put on that night. Our reputation’s based on that.”

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