Ozzy Osbourne’s Zakk Wylde Explains Why Steve Vai Thinks ‘There Are No Best In Music”

In a brand new interview with Guitar Villains Podcast, Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde explained why the greatest guitarist Steve Vai thinks there is no best guitarists in music.

The conversation has opened up when the interviewer asked Wylde that who he believes the best guitarist is. Later, Zakk touched on the issue and reflected Steve Vai’s words.

“This is from Father Steve Vai – when we say who’s the best guitar player, or who’s the best drummer, or who’s the best singer, who’s the best whatever… that debate always comes up, which is kind of a weird thing,” Zakk says.

“And he goes, ‘But there is no best in music. It’s not sports, it’s not like a powerlifting thing, who the strongest guy is.’ Because obviously, this guy’s numbers are the highest, whoever benched the most, whoever squatted, whoever deadlifted the most.

Ozzy Osbourne and Zakk Wylde – (image credit: Joe Giron/Corbis)

Continuing his words, Wylde said that there is nothing about the highest numbers or something. It’s just about what people like or which mood they’re in for that day.

“Whoever had the highest numbers wins the meet,” he said. “Or sports – a baseball game or a football game – there’s a winner at the end of the game. But music… it’s not, ‘Who’s the best?’, it’s, ‘Who’s your favorite?’ It’s like pizza – what’s your favorite pizza? They’re all good, they’re all slamming.

“What do you like, just plain? Or do you like it with garlic and mushroom? Do you like it with pepperoni? Do you like it with sausage? It is the truth. It’s just like saying, ‘What’s your favorite Zeppelin record?’

“There is no favorite, they’re all good- they’re all amazing, actually. It really is the truth, it’s what’s your favorite, or whatever mood you’re in for that day.”

Zakk Wylde will no appear on Ozzy Osbourne‘s upcoming studio effort which follow-up to his twelfth solo album Ordinary Man.

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