What Is Kerry King’s Favorite Alice In Chains Song? He Answers

What Is Kerry King's Favorite Alice In Chains Song? He Answers

In his brand new appearance in the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine, Slayer frontman Kerry King revealed his favorite Alice In Chains song. According to him, Them Bones, the opening song of the band’s second studio album, Dirt, is his favorite Alice In Chains song.

Alice In Chains first came out back in 1987 and was led by Jerry Cantrell on guitars and vocals, Sean Kinney on drums, Layne Staley on vocals, and Mike Starr on bass during its early years. Three years after their formation, in 1990, the band unleashed its debut album, Facelift, and dominated the rock scene. Following the release of the album, Alice In Chains joined the second leg of the Clash Of The Titans tour and supported Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth from May to July 1991.

In 1992, the band would continue to improve its music. After the completion of the Clash Of The Titans tour, they immediately started writing and recording stuff for their then-next album, as new and old fans were now looking forward to hearing a new album from them. In April 1992, they would enter the studio until July of the same year and record their second album, Dirt. In September 1992, the band released the album, and now everyone knew Alice In Chains is on the board.

After the tour, the relationship between Slayer and Alice In Chains became decisively solidified. Following the release of the second album on the Chains phase, the fans had seen that the album had a familiar name from Slayer. Tom Araya, in the light of a request from the band, was going to do guest vocals in Iron Gland and share his experience with the band.

However, recently, Kerry King named his favorite Alice In Chains song. Sending respectable words for Alice In Chains, he picked the band’s second studio album’s opening song, Them Bones. Kerry King also reacted to Chains‘ playing on the Clash Of The Titans tour, saying that they were surprised in front of their sound.

“Them Bones is such a great song – super-short, heavy, great video and these really haunting vocal melodies,” he says.

“Those dudes were untouchable on their first two records, they were really vibing as a band and Layne was just a superstar. They played on the Clash Of The Titans, and on the first couple of dates we’d be backstage going, ‘Who is that with that fucking voice?’ And we started going out to watch the entire set every night. It was just one of those moments.”


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