Tommy Thayer on Two Guinness Record-Breaker KISS Show: “It Was By Far the Biggest KISS Stage Ever”

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been absorbing the whole world, musicians are started to appear online and have begun to make online interviews. Tommy Thayer from KISS was one of those artists who made a social appearance and communicated with fans through online channels.

In a recent interview with Andrew Daly from Vinyl Writer, Tommy Thayer has remembered one of the greatest shows of the rock community, the band’s two Guinness record-breaker epic Dubai show. The band played the show on New Year’s Eve in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and broke two different Guinness records.

Speaking about the show, which broke the world records for highest flame projection in a music concert and for most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert, Tommy Thayer was asked if he shares the experiences of the show. According to him, it was the biggest KISS stage ever.

When the interviewer stated that the band just wrapped up an incredible show in Dubai and that if he shares his thoughts about the show, Tommy said:

“I didn’t know what to expect; none of us had ever been to Dubai or that part of the world. As it turned out, it was an amazing place, friendly people, very high-end, clean, beautiful resorts and beaches.”

“The architecture and design of the city was over-the-top. I’d like to go back there for a vacation sometime. The lead up including LA rehearsals, the traveling and then being in Dubai for several days before the show was tedious because of the COVID protocols. We were tested every other day under strict quarantine for the entire month of December. In Dubai, our crew and all the local crews were tested every day.”

Tommy concluded: “Seeing photos of the stage, it’s hard to get a sense of the scale and enormity of the production. It was by far the biggest KISS stage ever. It was also strange to spend that much time preparing for one show, all the startup, weeks of rehearsals, then doing it and suddenly it’s over.”

The real meaning of ‘End of The Road’

Elsewhere in the interview, Tommy Thayer touched the real meaning of ‘End Of The Road.’ According to him, “it was about the legacy of KISS, pure and simple.” Also, it touches “the fans and their connection to the band.”

Expressing his surprising, Tommy Thayer said that it’s interesting that it’s become so generational between generations, adding, “When I see young kids at the shows, and there’s a lot of them, I wonder how the hell did they get turned on to KISS? It’s interesting how so many long-time fans bring their kids and pass the torch. Gene and Paul have driven it for almost 50 years now and surprisingly still with the same amount of passion.”

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