The Top 5 Bands Geddy Lee Named His Favorites Of All Time

The Top 5 Bands Geddy Lee Named His Favorites Of All Time

With fingers that dance across the strings of his bass guitar like a wizard conjuring spells, and a voice that soars through the stratosphere, Geddy Lee has woven a tapestry of sonic enchantment that has captivated music enthusiasts for decades. In this article, we will look at the bands that Geddy Lee named his favorites of all time.

Geddy Lee is known for being a legend of the rock band Rush. His vocal prowess was equally mesmerizing, with a range that seemed boundless, traversing from hauntingly high-pitched wails to soulful depths. When Geddy sang, it was as if the celestial spheres themselves joined in harmony, resonating in perfect unison with his celestial voice.

Moreover, as the master of ceremonies during Rush‘s legendary live performances, Geddy‘s stage presence was electrifying. With his eyes ablaze with passion and his fingers dancing like celestial beings on his bass, he commanded the audience’s attention, pulling them into an otherworldly trance.

However, let’s learn about the bands Geddy Lee picked as his favorites.

The 5 Bands Geddy Lee Picked As His Favorites Of All Time

Since the first day he started playing music in 1968, it has been a fact that Geddy Lee has influenced dozens of people. With his writing, playing, and singing skills, he made his name one of the best musicians in rock.

So, it is time to learn Geddy Lee’s favorite bands.

#5. Radiohead

image: Jim Steinfeldt

In the ever-changing landscape of music, there exists a band that defies conventions and reshapes the boundaries of sound—Radiohead, the British pioneers of artistic expression and sonic innovation. The band has been actively playing music since 1985.

Their journey began with a more traditional rock sound, as epitomized by their early hit Creep. Yet, it was with the release of their groundbreaking album OK Computer in 1997 that they catapulted into the stratosphere of critical acclaim. A masterful fusion of alternative rock, electronic elements, and progressive experimentation, the album explored themes of modern alienation and societal dissonance, capturing the zeitgeist of the late ’90s.


Beyond their artistic evolution, Radiohead’s impact extended to the very business of music distribution. In a daring move, they self-released In Rainbows in 2007, allowing fans to choose their price for the digital download—an unprecedented decision that shook the music industry to its core. It was a revolutionary moment, a testament to their belief in empowering their audience and challenging the status quo.

In 2012, Geddy Lee sent his respectful words for Radiohead, saying: “To me, Radiohead carried on the tradition of bands like Yes. They are always adventurous and challenging and yet they have remained ahead of the game, really.”

#4. Genesis

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel, the musician who led Genesis and inspired Geddy Lee – image: AFP

Formed in the late 1960s, Genesis embarked on a musical odyssey that transcended generations, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts across the globe.

Their early works, steeped in whimsical folk-infused melodies, already showcased their penchant for imaginative storytelling. However, with the release of the album Foxtrot in 1972, they truly made their mark. Within its captivating soundscapes, they birthed the epic Supper’s Ready, an opus that weaved together mythical imagery and emotional catharsis, leaving listeners spellbound in its wake.


However, as the band evolved, the departure of Peter Gabriel opened a new chapter, with Phil Collins stepping into the role of lead vocalist. With albums like Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering, Genesis soared to new heights of commercial success while maintaining their artistic integrity.

According to Geddy Lee, Rush was inspired by the band’s Nursery Cryme album by Genesis during the early years of the band, as he said: “Well I was a big fan of Genesis and Peter Gabriel. I fell in love with the sound of it. I was totally entranced by it and wanted to know how they had done it. This is part of the roots of Rush. The creation of a flexible concept. The parallels are obvious.”

#3. Led Zeppelin

image: Alamy

Led Zeppelin are considered British rock titans who set the world ablaze with their raw energy, virtuosic talent, and mythic presence. The epic tale of the band began in the swirling mists of the late 1960s, when four young musical prodigies joined forces to form a band that would ascend to mythic proportions.

The band’s debut album, fittingly titled Led Zeppelin, unleashed a volcanic eruption of rock’s potential, fusing blues, folk, and hard rock into a potent concoction that captivated audiences with its raw intensity. As they soared through the ’70s, their musical odyssey traversed uncharted territories, crafting albums like “II,” “III,” and “IV” that solidified their status as rock gods.


Yet, beyond their musical prowess, Led Zeppelin‘s influence extended far beyond the realm of rock ‘n’ roll. Their imagery drew from mythology, fantasy, and folklore, infusing their music with a timeless quality that resonated deeply with listeners. They became a cultural phenomenon, revered as modern-day minstrels who spoke to the collective yearnings of a generation hungry for liberation and self-expression.

In 2021, Geddy Lee recalled Led Zeppelin‘s releasing its first album. He admitted the band had huge influence on both Rush and himself.

“I remember when the first album dropped,” Lee reveals. “We waited at our local Sam The Record Man store in Willowdale, grabbed the record, ran to my house, put it on and sat on my bed freaking out over Communication Breakdown. They were a huge, huge influence on us.”

#2. The Who

One of Geddy Lee’s favorite bands, The Who – image: LastFM

The Who burst onto the scene in the swinging ’60s, a time of cultural upheaval and musical revolution. Comprised of four visionary musicians—Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon—they ignited a sonic explosion that rocked the world.

Their early hits, like My Generation, became anthems of youth rebellion, channeling the frustrations and aspirations of a generation seeking its voice. The band embodied the raw, primal energy of a revolution in motion in Pete Townshend’s electrifying guitar windmills and Roger Daltrey’s soul-piercing vocals.

As the ’70s dawned, The Who continued to push the boundaries of their artistry. Albums like Who’s Next and Quadrophenia showcased their ability to blend rock anthems with intricate storytelling, further solidifying their place as one of rock’s most influential bands.


However, the journey of The Who was not without its challenges. The untimely death of Keith Moon in 1978 left a void that could never be filled. Despite the loss, they persevered, enlisting Kenney Jones as their new drummer and forging ahead.

Geddy Lee praised The Who’s music while he was speaking to Guitar World in the past.

“What an amazing guitar sound on this album [My Generation],” he said. “And [Pete] Townshend even plays a few solos, which he usually never does.”

#1. Cream

Geddy Lee's all-time favorite band, Cream
Geddy Lee’s favoriteband of all time, Cream – image: London Features

Geddy Lee named Cream his favorite band of all time. The band was a special one for the musician because he was influenced by their music in his early years.

Cream emerged in 1966, a musical triumvirate comprising Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce the mesmerizing bassist with a celestial voice, and Ginger Baker the rhythmic sorcerer behind the drum kit. Their union was destined to be extraordinary, for within their collective genius lay the power to revolutionize rock ‘n’ roll.

Their debut album, Fresh Cream, unleashed a torrent of blues-infused energy, showcasing the trio’s raw talent and their ability to harness the essence of the blues while injecting it with their own psychedelic flair. Eric Clapton’s searing guitar solos, Jack Bruce’s soulful vocals, and Ginger Baker’s explosive drumming formed a holy trinity of sound that defied conventions.


It was with the release of their second album, Disraeli Gears, that Cream’s legend truly ignited. Songs like Sunshine of Your Love and Strange Brew became anthems of a generation, their iconic riffs etching themselves into the collective consciousness. The album’s artistic cover design, with its vivid swirls of color, mirrored the psychedelic journey that their music invited listeners to embark upon.

In 2022, Geddy Lee told Rolling Stone Cream was his favorite band of all time.

“Cream were far and away my favourite band when I got old enough to appreciate rock music, and I was getting more and more into rock.”

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