Richie Faulkner Reveals Details About The Upcoming Judas Priest Album

Faulkner Has Revealed Details About The Upcoming Judas Priest Album

Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner once again talked about the band’s upcoming album in his recent appearance with Tulsa Music Stream. Faulkner emphasized in the interview how crucial the order of the songs in the album is.

The British heavy metal band Judas Priest, founded in Birmingham in the late 60s, has sold over 50 million copies with the 18 studio albums it has released. Among these albums, the ones that received the most attention were British Steel, Turbo, and Screaming for Vengeance albums. The band unleashed their latest one in 2018, which is Firepower. Firepower climbed the top of many music charts and brought the band two awards.

On the other hand, the band has been working very hard on a new studio album after five years. However, the good news is that the preparations are almost complete. In his last appearance, the band’s guitarist Faulkner revealed that the recording part was over, and some small things were left in the mixing.

“I spoke to Glenn via e-mail, actually, this morning,” he said. “We were talking about the running order for the track listing of the album. So that’s where the album’s at.

“So it’s been recorded. It’s pretty much mixed now. We’re just trying to decide what order the tracks should go. It’s a really important thing. If you put the tracks in the wrong order — it’s like a movie; if you edit the movie in the wrong order, it loses its potency.

“So it’s gotta be right. So that’s the stage we’re at. So it’s pretty close. Then we’ve gotta obviously manufacture the thing, the record label’s gotta manufacture the packaging and the artwork and the vinyl and get it out there. So that takes a little bit of time. But as far as the creative and the recording and everything like that, it’s pretty much almost finished, shall we say.”

The upcoming Judas Priest Album Will Be Released On Early 2024

Faulkner, who also did not escape the question about when the album would be released, answered over the possibilities. According to Faulkner, at best, the album may be released in the first months of next year. So that means the fans should be a little more patient.

Asked about a tentative release date for the new PRIEST LP, Faulkner said: “Well, I don’t think we have a specific one… If we handed it in to the record label today, I think vinyl takes six months at least to actually make; there’s a backlog of vinyl. So we can work out what the earliest is gonna be, put it that way. So I think it’ll probably be early ’24, I would say. I won’t get fired for that. But I think that’s a safe estimation to say. It’s gonna be early ’24.”

Back on January, Rob Halford said the band had now finished recording the album. He also stated that he liked the new album’s sound.

“As I’ve been saying in these recent Zooms, they’re all waiting for me, because all the music is done,” the singer says. “I’ve got the album here in front of me, on my laptop, and it sounds fucking amazing, which you expect every musician to say. But I’ve really gotta do my work now and make sure that what I do relates to the great work that the guys have done.”

In this interview, Rob Halford also answers there will be a new Judas Priest album. According to him, the new Judas Priest album will be released in 2024. He also hopes to tour with Ozzy Osbourne in May 2023 as planned.

“It’ll be ready when it’s ready,” Halford says. “But we’re trying to stick on a timeline. We’re hoping to do this Ozzy [Osbourne] tour [of Europe in May]. Please, Ozzy, be well enough; I think he will be. Once we do the Ozzy tour, then we’re gonna really get into the back end of finishing the record and then probably being ready to release that. I’m saying now… I did say ’23. It looks like it’s ’24 — which isn’t that far away. It’s already almost February in 2023.”

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