The Top 10 Highest-Selling Led Zeppelin Albums Until 2023

The Top 10 Highest-Selling Led Zeppelin Albums Until 2022

How many albums Led Zeppelin has sold until 2023? What is Led Zeppelin’s highest-selling album of all time? In this article, we will be looking at how many albums the band has sold until press time. If you wonder about the band’s successes, keep reading.

Considered one of the greatest bands of all time, Led Zeppelin was formed in London in 1968 and was disbanded 12 years later in 1980 following the band’s legendary drummer John Bonham‘s passing due to alcohol asphyxia. Throughout its successful career in music, the band consisted of Jimmy Page on guitars, Robert Plant on vocals, John Paul Jones on bass, and John Bonham on drums.

Debuted only one year later in its formation, in 1969, with the self-titled Led Zeppelin, the band brought 8 studio albums to its fans. While the 1979-release In Through The Out Door marked the band’s final studio album, the band released one more album after they disbanded in 1982. It was a compilation album named Coda and featured the unused tracks of Zeppelin taken from the various sessions over the years.

So, if you ask how many albums has Led Zeppelin sold until 2023, the band has sold over 300 million copies worldwide. While 115 million of them have sold in the US alone, the band received 81x Platinum certifications for studio albums only. They also received 8x Diamond certifications for those studio albums. So, let’s detail what is the highest-selling Led Zeppelin album of all time.

The Top 10 Highest-Selling Led Zeppelin Albums Until 2023

10. Mothership


Number Of Sales: 3.8 Million

Released on November 12, 2007, Mothership is a compilation album by Led Zeppelin. Having more than 135 minutes of listening time, the album received incredibly great reviews from critics.

Between 2007 and 2008, the album peaked at number one on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums chart, as well as leading the Norwegian Albums and New Zealand Albums charts. At press time, the album was certified 19x Platinum.

However, Mothership is the 10th on the list, with 3.8 million album sales.

9. The Song Remains The Same


Number Of Sales: 4.8 Million

Number 9 was the band’s live soundtrack album released in 1976 that was recorded between 27–29 July 1973. It belonged to the band’s concert film of the same name.

The songs taken from different albums consisted of 9 pieces in total. The album was liked by some critics, as well as not welcomed by some critics. If you wondered about the full track listing, you can see it below.

  • Rock and Roll
  • Celebration Day
  • The Song Remains the Same
  • The Rain Song
  • Dazed and Confused
  • No Quarter
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Moby Dick
  • Whole Lotta Love

So, appearing number 9 on the list, the band sold over 4.8 million copies of the album worldwide.

8. Led Zeppelin Remasters


Number Of Sales: 5 Million

Led Zeppelin Remasters was another compilation album that appeared on the highest-selling Led Zeppelin albums list. Released in 1990, the album had over 145 minutes of listening time.

The album was released as six sides on the 1990 vinyl edition. There were hit Zeppelin songs on the album, such as Whole Lotta Love, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, The Battle Of Evermore, Houses of the Holy, and Kashmir.

In the year it was released, the album was number one on the Finnish Albums Chart. It also peaked Australian ARIA Albums Chart in 1990. Gaining huge interest from fans, the album had 27x Platinum certifications.

With 5 million sales, the album is the 8th on the list.

7. In Through The Out Door


Number Of Sales: 6.7 Million

The band’s eighth and final studio album, In Through The Out Door, entered the list at number 7. Released in mid-August 1979, it was recorded in Sweden and was released in only three weeks.

As it was a great commercial success, the album was number one on the Canadian RPM Albums Chart in 1979. It was also named number one on three different charts, reading New Zealand Top 50 Albums Chart, UK Albums Chart, and Billboard’s US 200 chart.

So, at press time, In Through The Out Door sold 6.7 million copies all around the world. It means that the album is number 7 on the list.

6. Physical Graffiti


Number Of Sales: 9.3 Million

The sixth album of Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti was released in 1975. Consisting of 15 songs in total, the album was another Led Zeppelin album that has been welcomed by millions of people.

Receiving 20x Platinum in total, the album was number one on three different charts in three different countries, which were Canadian Albums, UK Albums, and US Billboard 200 charts.

Appearing on the sixth out of 10 highest-selling Led Zeppelin albums of all time, the band sold 9.3 million with the album.

5. Led Zeppelin


Number Of Sales: 10.5 Million

The self-titled Led Zeppelin album was the 5th highest-selling Led Zeppelin album until 2023. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it was released in 1969.

The album was an important album in terms of the band’s self-promotion. Although it contained experienced musicians, the band was very ambitious for the first album they recorded together.

Back in the 1970s, Jimmy Page admitted that the album featured mistakes in it, saying: “There are mistakes in it, but it doesn’t make any difference. I’ll always leave the mistakes in. I can’t help it. The timing bits on the A and Bb parts are right, though it might sound wrong. The timing just sounds off. But there are some wrong notes. You’ve got to be reasonably honest about it.”

4. Houses Of The Holy


Number Of Sales: 12.5 Million

Houses Of The Holy was the fifth album released by Led Zeppelin. Unleashed via Atlantic Records, the album was released towards the mid-1973.

Consisting of 8 tracks in total, the band’s some fixture live songs featured in this album, such as No Quarter, The Song Remains the Same and The Rain Song. In the recordings, the band hadn’t been inducted by any artists, as all instruments were provided by the band’s own members.

In 2020, Rolling Stones ranked Houses Of The Holy number 278 in its 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. It was also ranked number one on a lot of charts, such as the Australian Go-Set Top 20 Albums Chart, Canadian RPM Top 100 Albums Chart, UK Albums Chart, and US Billboard 200.

In the past, Jimmy Page explained why the album wasn’t called Led Zeppelin V.

“It goes I, II and III, as you say, but then IV, there’s still four symbols, so it still goes in digits [like IIII], you see, but [the fifth album] wasn’t going to be Led Zeppelin Victory Sign [V],” he said. “So Houses of the Holy. It’s about all of us being houses of the Holy Spirit, in a sense.”

However, Houses Of The Holy was ranked number 4 in the highest-selling Zeppelin albums list, with 12.5 million sales worldwide.

3. Led Zeppelin III


Number Of Sales: 13.1 Million

Led Zeppelin III was the third album released by the band two years later since its existence, in 1970. Received positive reviews from critics, the album featured the band’s hit songs Celebration Day, Immigrant Song, and Since I’ve Been Loving You.

Ranked number one on six different charts in 1970, the album was certified 13x Platinum in total.

With 13.1 million sales, Led Zeppelin III is the third highest-selling Led Zeppelin album of all time.

2. Led Zeppelin II


Number Of Sales: 16 Million

Led Zeppelin II was the second studio album released by the band in 1969. Certified 18x Platinum in total, it also had a Diamond certification came by RIAA.

As it is the band’s early album, it marked Led Zeppelin‘s first album to reach number one on charts in the UK and the US.

However, with 16 million sales, the album was the second highest-selling Led Zeppelin album until 2023.

1. Led Zeppelin IV


Number Of Sales: 38 Million

With 38 million sales, Led Zeppelin IV is the highest-selling Led Zeppelin album as of 2023. Released via Atlantic Records in 1971, the album featured the band’s signature song, Stairway To Heaven.

Between 1971 and 1972, the album was ranked number one on a lot of charts around the world. Having 52x Platinum certifications, the album is also the band’s highest Platinum-earning album.

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