The Best Covers Made By Metallica

The Best Covers Made By Metallica

Having spent over 41 years in the heavy metal scene, Metallica is considered one of the biggest bands in the world. They are named one of The Big Four bands, along with Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer. As they have been covered by many bands so far, there are a lot of songs that Metallica covered in the past.

Metallica has released eleven studio albums, having sold over 150 million copies for over four decades. In addition to its studio releases, Metallica worked on a compilation album, Garage Inc., released in 1998. In that album, they covered hit songs from artists such as Bob Seger, Diamond Head, Queen, Motörhead, and Thin Lizzy. The album featured Cliff Burton’s bass lines on the songs Am I Evil? and Blitzkrieg, but Jason Newsted was the main bassist.

So, let’s see the best covers made by Metallica over the years.

Remember Tomorrow


The song is originally written by Iron Maiden members Paul Di’Anno and Steve Harris. The band recorded the song in late 1979 and released it on its debut and self-titled album in 1980. Although the song was not considered a big hit by the band, it was loved by thousands of Iron Maiden fans.

However, Metallica covered the song for the Iron Maiden tribute album, Maiden Heaven, released in June 2006. During the recording process, the personnel of the band was James Hetfield on vocals, Robert Trujillo on bass, Kirk Hammett on guitars, and Lars Ulrich on vocals.

In the album, Metallica appeared with bands such as Dream Thater, Machine Head, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, and many others.

Am I Evil?


Am I Evil? was originally written and recorded by the heavy metal act Diamond Head. It was released on the band’s debut album, Lightning to the Nations, released in 1980. Metallica first covered the song in 1984 but then re-recorded it in 1998 for their compilation album. It made both Metallica and Diamond Head famous after James Hetfield-leading band covered the song.

For some Metallica fans, it is the best cover made by the band.

Whiskey In The Jar


Thin Lizzy-inspired Whiskey in the Jar was also one of the best cover songs made by Metallica. Although the song is traditional, the band revealed its aggressive side even more with the song. Metallica‘s covering of the song received a lot of radio airplay at the time, which made the traditional song much more famous for listening. Furthermore, Metallica won a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with the song in 2000.

Turn The Page


Turn the Page was a Bob Seger classic. The song was originally released by the musician in 1971 but was released in 1973 through his sixth studio album, Back in ’72. The song was a slow one, and its story was magical. Whenever Metallica plays the song live, fans get emotional and sad.

Die, Die, Die My Darling


MisfitsDie, Die, Die My Darling was originally released in 1984. Metallica released the song on the compilation album Garage Inc. The song got its Metallica signature because it was shortened by about a minute. The cover version was considered more energetic compared to the original version.

Stone Cold Crazy


Metallica‘s cover of Stone Cold Crazy by Queen was a 2-minute recital that fit right into the band’s repertoire. Metallica’s rhythm in the song was the same as Queen’s performance. You could also hear Freddie’s screams on Metallica’s cover because James’ voice was similar to his.

Metallica won a Grammy Award for the song in the Best Metal Performance category.

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