The Beatles Legend Paul McCartney’s Coronavirus Comments Surprised Fans

In a new appearance on The Howard Stern Show, the 72-year-old musician Paul McCartney, also known as the bassist of the English rock band The Beatles, has talked about the coronavirus outbreak and shared his honest opinion about it.

While he talks about the issue, Paul McCartney said its crazy and continued: “I’m from the generation that just came out of World War II and the spirit that they showed, you know, ‘We’ll do whatever’s necessary. We’ll all pull together and we’ll try and stay happy.’”

He added: “That spirit is kind of what they needed and it’s what we need now and it is around, you know, that’s, that’s what we’re seeing now, that a lot of people are pulling together and in a way, it’s a great thing because if we don’t, we’re finished, you know? But it is good to see that. It’s inspiring.”

Paul McCartney gained his world fame as a vocalist, bassist, rhythm and lead guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer for The Beatles with his 10-year career with them.


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