The 10 Songs Mick Jagger Listed As The Best Of All Time

The 10 Songs Mick Jagger Listed As The Best Of All Time

When rock and roll became the most listened-to music in the music world, the community was led by numerous new and successful musicians. Mick Jagger is still one of those great musicians, as he is considered one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock and roll.

The singer gained international fame as a member of The Rolling Stones, which was formed in 1962. Over a 6-decade career with the band, Mick Jagger has played energetic shows, written unique stuff, and along with his bandmate Keith Richards‘ guitar style, carried the band from zero to top. He contributed to the band’s entire discography, including 26 studio albums, 34 live albums, 29 compilation albums, and more.

In addition to The Stones, Mick Jagger developed himself as a solo musician. He has released four different solo studio albums while he was already a member of The Stones. Debuted in 1985 with She’s The Boss, Jagger followed the album with 1987’s Primitive Cool. In 1993, Jagger came to the agenda with his third solo album, Wandering Spirit. And then lastly in 2001, he released his fourth effort, named Goddess In The Doorway.

However, as he has been a favorite lead singer for some of those musicians or fans, Jagger has his own favorites as well. During his epic interview with Planet Rock’s Blues Power in 2020, Jagger revealed which blues songs he has liked the most throughout his ongoing career. You can find it below.

The 10 Songs Mick Jagger Listed As The Best Of All Time

10. Freddie King – Palace Of The King

One of Mick Jagger‘s favorite blues songs was sung by Freddie King, who was an American blues guitarist and is considered one of the Three Kings of the Blues Guitar. It was Palace Of The King and was taken from the musician’s ninth effort, Getting Ready…

Praising Freddie King, Jagger explained why he thought it was a great blues song: “Freddie King, a great guitar player,” Jagger said. “This was recorded by Shelter Records, originally. I think in charge of the band was Leon Russell playing piano on the track.

“So it’s not a traditional Blues sequence, it’s got backing vocals, it’s kind of slightly, you may say commercial. But I think it’s a fantastic Blues record.”

9. Mississippi Fred McDowell – Drop Down Mama

The list also included Mississippi Fred McDowell, who proved himself as a hill country blues singer and guitar player. Born in Tennessee, United States, on January 12, 1904, the great musician passed away on July 3, 1972, at the age of 68. He left behind his legendary legacy and unique music.

In the interview, Jagger also sent praising words for Mississippi Fred McDowell. Touching on The Rolling Stones‘ release by him, You Gotta Move, Jagger chose Drop Down Mama as one of his favorites.

“I though we do some acoustic Blues, so I’ve chosen Mississippi Fred McDowel,” he revealed.

“The Stones recorded ‘You Gotta Move’, which is by him. So this one is called ‘Drop Down Mama.”

8. Luther Allison – Chicago

Another favorite blues song of Mick Jagger was Luther Allison‘s Chicago.

Born in Widener, Arkansas, on August 18, 1939, Allison had moved with his family to Chicago back in 1951. His passion for music started when he was a child. He then developed his talent and became one of the biggest blues musicians in the world. Throughout his musical tenure, Allison played with the bands of Howlin’ Wolf and Freddie King.

When Jagger mentioned him, he said: “This is Luther Allison, famous Blues singer recorded in the 60s ‘Chicago’.”

7. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Strange Things Happening Every Day

Mick Jagger then picked Strange Things Happening Every Day sang by Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who was an American guitarist and singer. She was an influence on some great rockers, such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Throughout her musical career from 1919 to 1973, Rosetta released twelve different albums, which received hugely positive reviews from all over the world.

Mentioning his respect for her, Jagger revealed what she wanted to play at first. He then picked his favorite song, Strange Things Are Happening Every Day, and said playing with Sammy Price on piano was a great fit.

“Sister Rosetta Tharpe was mainly a gospel singer but she wanted to cross over, she wanted to be a pop singer, she wanted to be a blues singer as well,” he said.

“So this is her biggest hit, playing with Sammy Price on piano. It was questioning what was going to happen socially after the war, ‘Strange Things Are Happening Every Day.'”

6. Joe Louis Walker – Too Drunk To Drive Drunk

Here is Too Drunk To Drive Drunk by Joe Louis Walker, which was another favorite song of Mick Jagger.

Known as an electric blues guitarist and singer, Walker is a huge influence on people who started playing blues in the recent past. He released more than 25 albums, and it was how he became one of the greatest.

When Jagger talked about Walker and picked the song as his favorite, he recalled the time he played alongside him. Saying that Walker was very kind to him, Jagger added that he gave him a guitar, which is special for him.

“This is called ‘Too Drunk To Drive Drunk’, which makes perfect sense,” Jagger says. “It’s by Joe Louis Walker who I know quite well.

“I actually performed on stage with him. He was very kind to me and gave me a guitar. I don’t if he was trying to encourage me to play better.

“But anyway, he actually won a Grammy, I think for his last album. So he is very well known. I hope you like this track.”

5. Memphis Minnie – Has Anyone Seen My Man

The 1897-formed blues guitarist and singer Memphis Minnie was on the list as well. Mick Jagger picked her Has Anyone Seen My Man as one of his favorite blues songs.

Throughout her musical journey, Minnie had recorded around 200 songs. She grew herself with some of her best-known songs, including Bumble Bee, Nothing in Rambling, Me and My Chauffeur Blues, and When the Levee Breaks.

Here is what Jagger said about her when he picked the song: “‘Has Anyone Seen My Man’ by Memphis Minnie who is described as ‘Queen Of The Delta Blues Singers’. She was popular in the 30s and 40s. She was very ladylike, beautifully dressed but she could fight, get drunk and spit apparently with the best of the men.”

4. Buddy Guy – Baby Please Don’t Leave Me

Buddy Guy‘s Baby Please Don’t Leave Me was another favorite song of Mick Jagger.

The musician released the song via his eleventh studio album, Sweet Tea. With the album, he peaked at number one on the US Blues Albums chart in 2001. It was also nominated for the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

Explaining why he loved the song, the singer hoped people enjoy it.

“From a record called ‘Sweet Tea’, that people [sort of] like and they didn’t like it and everything,” Mick Jagger says. “It was taking Buddy back literally to Mississippi and putting him in a shack, which sounds rather sort of pretentiously weird.

“Anyway, that’s what they did and used a lot of local Mississippi musicians in an attempt to get Buddy back into the Mississippi Delta.

“It was actually the first track on a movie I watched the other night called ‘Hustle & Flow’, a Rap movie. Anyway this is the track that started off the movie.

“So I hope you enjoy it. He’s tuned the guitar down like about two tones from the normal tuning. So you will hear what I mean, it makes it very dark.”

3. Fantastic Negrito feat. Tang & The Bangas – I’m So Happy I Cry

The list also featured Fantastic Negrito and Tang & The Bangas collaboration, I’m So Happy I Cry. The track was released via Fantastic Negrito‘s fourth studio album, Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

“‘I’m So Happy I Cry’ by the Fantastic Negrito who is the son of a Somali and he recorded this with another group that is from New Orleans called Tang & The Bangas,” Mick Jagger noted when he revealed his love for the song.

2. Alabama Shakes – Always Alright

Alabama ShakesAlways Alright was another masterpiece loved by Mick Jagger. “Bringing things really up to the present day, Britney Howard, fantastic singer with the Alabama Shakes ‘Always Alright’, which I particularly like,” he revealed when he mentioned the song.

Alabama Shakes was a rock band activated from 2009 to 2018. Throughout its 9-year career, the band released two different albums, Boys & Girls and Sound & Color. They have been nominated and won a lot of awards for their undeniable successes.

1. Little Walter – Boogie

Little Walter‘s Boogie was Mick Jagger‘s favorite blues song of all time. He was a great blues artist who was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008.

“I had to put in a Little Walter track, who is everyone’s favorite harmonica player, of course mine,” Mick Jagger said when he talked Boogie. “This is an instrumental I found called ‘Boogie’.”

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