Ted Nugent Reveals Heartwarming Words For Guns N’ Roses

Ted Nugent Reveals Heartwarming Words For Guns N' Roses

Ted Nugent has sent heartwarming words for Guns N’ Roses during his recent interview on The Nightly Nuge. In the interview, he also talked about his music and people who has influenced him on his career.

As you know, Ted Nugent is an American activist and artist playing music since 1964. Devoting his life to music, Nugent gained his fame with the band called The Amboy Dukes. He also made people mention himself by launching a solo career, which is in full success. Released his most recent album on April 29, 2022, named Detroit Muscle, Nugent released 16 solo studio albums at press time.

During his ongoing musical journey, Guns N’ Roses was one of those artists who played for Ted Nugent. In 1986, Ted Nugent was opened by the rock act when they were only one-year band. At the time, Guns N’ Roses didn’t even has an album on its catalog but Ted Nugent was promoting his ninth studio album, Little Miss Dangerous. While Guns were playing the show, no one would ever know they were going to be one of the best bands in the future.

In his new interview on YouTube, Nugent revealed heartwarming words for Guns N’ Roses. At first, the artist discussed his music and people who was his influences. Thanking people who has influenced him, Ted Nugent said that he gets excited whenever he jump on stage.


“My music has a life of its own,” Ted Nugent said (as transcribed by MetalCastle.net). “Every riff I have is such a grinder (starts playing music). I mean, get out of here in the new title track for Detroit Muscle.

“I mean, I literally have my goosebumps, and when we hit the stage – I’m telling you, Keith, thank you, everybody, for continuing to inspire my musical dream. Because every time I play my Gibson Byrdland, it literally it’s out of the body. My music has a life of its own.”

Ted Nugent Speaks Heartwarming On Guns N’ Roses

When the 74-year-old musician continued the interview, he talked about the passion and enthusiasm that he still has. Saying that sobriety makes his life more positive, Ted Nugent admitted that Guns N’ Roses, who has begun its world tour named We’re F’N Back Tour and will rock fans until December 2022, has played better than they ever had.


“I’m 74 years clean and sober,” Nugent continues. “That’s why this enthusiasm, passion, and vitality are alive and well. If I was a welder – I wish I were a welder – but no matter what your pursuit or career might be, dreams might involve the American dream is about plunging totally into that pursuit – whether it’s golf like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan in basketball and these incredible athletes and musical gods that inspire the soundtrack for our life for everybody.

“The English bands were reintroducing the black American artists to the new bands when they weren’t new, or RHCP, Sammy Hagar, or Aerosmith. There are killer vitality musical soundtracks available in the USA and worldwide.

“Guns N’ Roses are touring the world now, probably playing better than they ever had. They aren’t a new band but keep it new because the music of Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley in the hands of every guitarist in every band is guaranteed.”

Back in 2020, Ted Nugent had revealed the guitar fathers while he was interviewing with Matt Rice. He named Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, and Lonnie Mack some of those guitar fathers.


“Derek St. Holmes, who was with me for years, is one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived,” he said. “Rickey Medlocke, who was with Blackfoot, created incredible music with Blackfoot and now with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tommy Shaw, my fellow Damn Yankee, is just an unbelievable guitar virtuoso.

“I know that the founding fathers – Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Duane Eddy, Lonnie Mack – these guys invented this stuff, so we owe them everything.

“There’s just so many unbelievably-impacting, musically stimulating adventurous guitar masters out there. I’ve already named – I don’t know, what have I named? 40 of ’em. There are so many that I revere them all.

“Dave Amato with REO Speedwagon. Dave Amato played with me on the ‘Little Miss Dangerous’ tour and the ‘Penetrator’ tour.

“And people might not know the name Dave Amato, but what he plays with REO Speedwagon is as good as any guitar playing on the planet. And I revere and admire those guys.”

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