Ted Nugent Reveals The ‘Guitar Fathers’

The American singer/songwriter Ted Nugent has spoken out with Bushnell and revealed the people he saw as the Father of Guitar.

During an appearance, when the musician was asked to name who is the greatest guitarist of the musical history, Ted remembered the guitarists he played on stage, which includes Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, and more. He meant that he is lucky to play with the names he told.

“There are so many miracle workers on the guitar, and I’ve jammed with the best. I got to jam with B.B. King. I played bass with Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley.

“I got to jam with Steve Winwood. I played with Stevie Ray Vaughan. I jammed with Eddie Van Halen and Billy Gibbons. I’ve been on stage with Aerosmith, with Brad [Whitford] and Joe [Perry].

“I’ve been on stage with Heart and played with those guys. I jammed for an hour with John Entwistle at the NAMM show in California years ago. I played with Brian May. There’s so many gifted virtuosos.

“Derek St. Holmes, who was with me for years, is one of the greatest guitar players that ever lived. Rickey Medlocke, who was with Blackfoot, created incredible music with Blackfoot and now with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tommy Shaw, my fellow Damn Yankee, is just an unbelievable guitar virtuoso.”

While he continues to his words, Ted revealed the guitar fathers.

“So I’ve really been to the mountain top. I know that the founding fathers – Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Duane Eddy, Lonnie Mack – these guys invented this stuff, so we owe them everything.

“There’s just so many unbelievably-impacting, musically stimulating adventurous guitar masters out there. I’ve already named – I don’t know, what have I named? 40 of ’em. There are so many that I revere them all.

“Dave Amato with REO Speedwagon. Dave Amato played with me on the ‘Little Miss Dangerous’ tour and the ‘Penetrator’ tour.

“And people might not know the name Dave Amato, but what he plays with REO Speedwagon is as good as any guitar playing on the planet. And I revere and admire those guys.”

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