Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Discussed The Current Psychology Of People During Coronavirus Process

Randy Blythe, known for his legendary career with heavy metal band Lamb of God, spoke to The Jasta Show and shared his own thoughts about the current psychology of the people during these difficult coronavirus days.

While he talks on the issue, Randy said that people are going nuts.

“People are having to internally vet any sort of reference to anything they may have come across… It’s, like, what the fuck, man? I mean, obviously, for something important – if you’re going to write an article or support one’s art publicly, or something like that – you need to do some research before you [announce] an endorsement of this person.

“People are so fucked up right now – they’re so soft. And I think there’s a lot of factors contributing to it. I think people are going nuts, because people aren’t working and they’re stuck at home and all that stuff.

“But I also think there’s this period of uncertainty right now where nobody has any fucking answers – nobody has any fucking answers to this coronavirus thing. And people don’t deal well with uncertainty. They don’t like the unpredictable nature of what is going on, and all the different information, so they’re looking for some sort of outlet. And any sort of thing that they can grasp upon to make them feel self-righteous and rage against, it makes them feel better. ‘Okay, I’ve now elevated my moral plane, and I’m in the right – I’m in the right here.’ So people are, like, mad touchy about the stupidest shit. It’s, like, get over your fucking self.”

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