Ted Nugent Fires Back At Joan Jett: “We Know How Stupid She Is”

Ted Nugent Fires Back At Joan Jett: "We Know How Stupid She Is"

The world-known rocker Ted Nugent fired back at Joan Jett after she called him the guy who shit his pants and that he has not a tough guy at all.

Joan Jett is a rock singer who has been playing in the music scene since 1975. Appeared in The Runaways for over 4 years, Jett is best known for her works with the band she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2015, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. Having three different solo albums that have been certified Platinum, she is considered the Queen Of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

On the other hand, Ted Nugent is an American rocker and activist who has an undeniable impact on the growth of rock and roll music. Including his 17 solo studio albums during his ongoing career, Nugent has been contributing to the genre with his numerous successes and huge experiences. He also received huge respect for his works with The Amboy Dukes.

In the recent past, Ted Nugent had shared his honest thoughts on Joan Jett‘s appearance on the list of 100 Greatest Guitarists created by Rolling Stone magazine. He Joan Jett’s appearance on the list, even though he said he loved Joan Jett. Following those comments, Jett had said NME that “Ted Nugent is not a tough guy. He plays tough guy, but this is the guy who shit his pants — literally — so he didn’t have to go in the Army.”

During his recent YouTube livestream, Ted Nugent fired back his missiles at Joan Jett. At first, the rocker recalled his comments and said that he expressed his love for her and her band. He added that that is still a lie that Joan Jett is among those 100 Greatest Guitarists.

“All I expressed in an interview on WRIF was how I love Joan and her killer rocking band,” Nugent said. “She’s got a great rocking band. Great songs. The best garage band maybe ever, except for maybe Green Day. Love Joan — all I said is how I love her.

“But I used her as an example — along with Joni Mitchell. Love Joni Mitchell… People love that music. People love Joan Jett and Joni Mitchell. I love them. I expressed I love them.

“But she can’t be in the top 100 guitar player list — either of them. They play nice strumming guitars; they play nice guitars. I like it. They’re good. But top 100 before Rik Emmett of Triumph? That’s a lie.”

Ted Nugent Calls Joan Jett ‘Stupid’

Ted then once again defended himself, repeating his love for Joan Jett. He then referenced the newly-risen rumors that the female rocker underwent plastic surgery and called her stupid. Ted Nugent also claimed that Joan Jett cannot be on the list before Mark Farner, Jimmy McCarty, Derek St. Holmes, or Rickey Medlocke.

“Joan Jett, I love you,” he continued. “Don’t get all upset. She calls me a racist and jealous. I didn’t even mention that I should be on the list. Let’s pretend that I don’t play guitar. Let’s pretend I’m just a keyboard player, or maybe a gay conga player. I never mentioned my name [as being excluded from] the top 100 guitar list — though someone might. But Joan, would you just relax?

“Maybe the plastic has gone to her brain,” Ted added, referencing the newly-rised rumors that the female rocker underwent plastic surgery. “I don’t know. I just didn’t think she was that stupid. I never said anything about how stupid she was. I didn’t think she was stupid; now we know how stupid she is.

“Joan Jett and Joni Mitchell cannot be on the top 100 guitar player list before Derek St. Holmes or Rickey Medlocke or Jimmy McCarty or Mark Farner. Certainly. Or Jared Nichols. Or Chris Duarte. This isn’t an opinion.

“There’s no room for an opinion here. I’m mentioning guitar players that are world-class monster virtuosos of undeniable musical authority and guitar prowess.”

After Ted Nugent criticized Joan Jett, he was also criticized by people who thought he was not right. Defending himself by saying that he started by defending the musician at the beginning of his interview, he also added that his honesty about Jett drove people crazy.

“I started off by praising Joan Jett’s genuine shitkicker, down-to-earth, all-American rock and roll credentials,” Ted said. “I started off by praising her. I even saluted the lesbian thing.

“Here’s the question: how on God’s good green earth could someone listen to what I say and then claim it’s about hate and about knocking and belittling? Joan’s awesome.

“I mean, The Runaways. Her whole, ‘Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.’ I mean, she’s the real rock and roll McCoy.

“But belonging on the ‘top 100 guitar player’ list anywhere on planet earth, even ‘Boring’ Stone before genuine virtuosos of the six-string? That was my statement. I was only using Joan as an example because she happens to be a perfect one.

“I think I can tell that you are a real music lover — you love spirit and soul, defiance, middle fingers on fire, genuine musical authority, all that combination that represents that dynamic and majestic soundtrack to our lives, our American Dream, and if there is a German or a Spanish Dream, I hope they get a soundtrack as well.

“But Joan Jett represents that. But on the top 100 guitar players list, before Tommy Shaw, before Rickey Medlocke and before Derek St. Holmes — I can go on with a hundred examples… I was only using that beautiful young lady as an example, and people literally went berserk trying to twist it into hate.

“There was no hate. I don’t have any hate. I had my hate amputated when I was five years old. No hate — all love and compassion and honesty. That’s what drives people crazy: my honesty.”

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