Herman Li Defends Megadeth Over Judas Priest’s Roadie Interrupted Their Show

DragonForce founder Herman Li posted a reaction video from the band’s official Youtube page. The guitarist supported Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine in his statements. Dave had harsh words for Judas Priest about the accident on the Barcelona stage earlier this month.

Megadeth and Judas Priest performed at the Rock Fest Barcelona on July 2. Although the two big bands have given their fans an unforgettable day, it seems that Dave Mustaine’s words will be the ones that will not go out of their minds for a long time.

The incident that caused Dave Mustaine to react was that Judas Priest, on the side stage while Megadeth was already playing a concert, interrupted Megadeth‘s show by performing a line check for his preparation.

Here’s Dave Mustaine’s reaction.


Anyway, this accident didn’t escape the eye of DragonForce guitarist Herman Li either. Li, who appeared in front of his fans with a lot of content from the DragonForce youtube page, evaluated the accident and Dave Mustaine‘s reaction.

“I’ve gotta defend Dave Mustaine on this one, in some way. Look, I’ve done a lot of festivals — not as much as him — but it’s super annoying when you’re playing the show and you hear the other stage next door, just doing the line check.

You’re supposed to have a silent line check. You’re not supposed to have an amp blasting next door that you can hear while you’re playing…It’d become pretty annoying. You’re doing a show, it takes you out of the game, you start making mistakes…

‘Judas Priest Are Obviously Higher Up On The Bill Than Megadeth’

Herman Li, who stated that they may have seen themselves as the headliners because Judas Priest came out after Megadeth, touches on the back scene of the accident. According to Li, preparations should be made earlier in the day, but there may be other reasons behind Judas Priest‘s delay.


“Judas Priest are obviously higher up on the bill than Megadeth, because they’re playing afterwards,” he adds. “They’re probably thinking, Well, we’re the headliner. Or maybe they were late — they couldn’t soundcheck earlier.

“Usually, the headliner soundchecks earlier in the day, because they’re the headliner. But with the flight cancellations and delays happening these days around the world, especially in Europe this touring season, they probably didn’t get there on time, and they said, Well, we’re the headliner, we gotta go…

“In defense of Dave, that’s super annoying! I know you’re a headliner, but I’m doing a show right now! I need to play! If I play shit because some guy’s blasting guitar on the side, it’s not fair, and it’s not something you should be doing, especially at that level.
“He probably shouldn’t have flipped that guy off in front, and gotten the fans to talk shit about him, but God, c’mon! We’re musicians, when we’re in the moment, we react.”

Chuck Billy reveals Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine’s Disrespect for his band

Back in 2020, Testament legend Chuck Billy appeared on No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn, hosted by Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn, and recalled his pissing off after the disrespectful behavior that Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine made to his band.

Chuck said: “For the Priest tour, we decided we were gonna spend some time on production. We bought a big, fancy Voelker Rack drum set. We bought two new scrims, full-on backline – the whole deal. Nice-looking show. And we get to the first show, and Dave Mustaine sees us have it up, and he says we can’t use it. [So] we had a little problem the first week of the tour.

“I was pissed, because we just spent all this money, and those were the days when they were hand-painted backdrops – these backdrops were 15, 20 grand; they weren’t cheap then. So we were, like, ‘We’re coming out to represent. Priest tour in arenas, man. We’re coming out.’ But Dave threw his weight around and said we can’t use all of our new stuff.”

He continued: “So for the first week, we were, like, tails between our legs, playing. And all the guys in our band said, ‘Chuck, you seem to be friends with Rob [Halford]. Go in there and tell him. He keeps telling you guys, ‘If you guys need anything, just ask.’ Go in there.’ And I’d had it. And I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna.’”

Chuck concluded his words by remembering how he solves the problem. He admitted that he went to speak with Judas Priest frontman and shared the issue with him. Rob Halford‘s reaction was very kind for them and he supported them in front of the injustice.

“So, I went in there. It was, like, three or four days into the tour. I go in the dressing room. I said, ‘Hey, Rob. You got a minute? I need to talk to you.’ I go, ‘I don’t know who to talk to, but I’m gonna come to you. And if it’s your guys’ decision, hey, I’m down with it, but I thought I would just bring it up.We bought all this stuff for this tour to put on a nice show, and the Megadeth guy says we can’t play, ’cause they said you guys wouldn’t let us use it.’ And he was, like, ‘What? Who said that?’

Right there, he went and got his tour manager and said, ‘Get in here.’ [Rob] said, ‘Do you know anything about this? Them not letting Testament not use their gear?’ [The tour manager] says, ‘No.’ And [Rob] goes, ‘You make sure tonight they get the damn gear up there.’ So we had a full-blown show. And who comes sidestage to watch the show? There goes Mr. Mustaine. Mr. Mustaine is standing there, just pissed off – he just had that look. And we were looking over just, like, ‘Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, Dave.’ We were putting it on, throwing it down. And that’s how that tour started.”

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