Mike Portnoy Sends His Prayers To His Friends Who Struggles With The Coronavirus

The American drummer Mike Portnoy, best known with his 25-year career with the American progressive metal band Dream Theater, has just shared a new photo featuring Gary Holt, Chuck Billy, Eric Peterson, Alex Skolnick, and the other Testament, Exodus, Death Angel members, and sent his prayers to his friends who struggling with the coronavirus.

Gary Holt and his wife, Lisa Holt have recently announced that they suffering all symptoms of coronavirus. Also, in his article, Mike said that Chuck Billy and his wife, Tiffany Billy, have tested positive with the coronavirus. He sent his prayers to his close friends and those who fought with coronavirus.

You can read what he wrote in the caption of the photo below.

“This is really starting to hit home… My prayers go out to my friends Chuck & Tiffany Billy who just tested positive with the coronavirus…as well as my friends Gary Holt and Will Carroll who are both struggling as well (Will’s been in intensive care since Wednesday)… I have so many friends that were on this Testament/Exodus/Death Angel tour and I’m praying for all of them.”

In the comments of the photo, many fans saddened after the news that includes Chuck, Tiffany, Gary, and Lisa‘s coronavirus struggle. They sent their prayers to them and also expressed that we should follow the experts’ directives.

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