Slipknot Star Corey Taylor’s Wife Reveals Corey’s Unheard Stage Accident: “Yeah, It Hurt”

The world-famous American heavy metal heroes Slipknot singer Corey Taylor‘s wife Alicia Dove, who also known as the director and a founder of the rock dance group the Cherry Bombs, has recently shared a tweet on her official Twitter account and made an important statement about her husband Corey Taylor.

“No, Corey didn’t break anything,” Alicia said. “An oxygen tank that was stored on a case fell on his foot as he was walking on stage. Yeah, it hurt, that’s like a frozen turkey landing on your foot. But he powered through like the beast he is- iced it, and was alright the next day, just sore.”

Also, for the DJ Phoenix who hopes that their toes are still intact, Alicia said: “Yeah Hugo took a hit. He’s okay, still just as wonderfully ugly as before and in one piece.”

Also, a fan Gary Firster has recalled the rare-known moment he witnessed about Corey Taylor‘s stage accident during the performance in his country and said, “He powered through like when I seen him and Stone Sour guys in Virginia Beach festival a couple years ago, he pulled something in his leg and was on crutches. But no crutches during the performance. You get tell he was in pain but pushed through and Kick-Ass!”

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