Slipknot Star Corey Taylor Shares New Updates About His Health Status

In a new conversation with BBC, Slipknot‘s legendary vocalist Corey Taylor has recalled the surgeries he had in the past years and mentioned about his current state of health.

When the interviewer spoke about Corey‘s serious surgeries on both knees and an operation on his spine, Corey talked about his stage accident in ’99 and mentioned how he fell. He said that he is crazy and indestructible at that years.

“Yeah, I’m not the brightest bolt in the box, let’s put it that way. The only thing that I can talk – I figured out where it came from. I fell off-stage in ’99 and landed on my head – fell five feet, landed on top of my head.

“And they think what happened is it compacted my C5 and 6. And because I was 25 and indestructible, I was just, like, ‘Who? Okay, I can move everything, I can still sing, here we go!’, and just continued on.”

Corey also said that being at Slipknot, it is a bit more abrasive than any other bands.

“And what happened was over the years, you know, obviously being in Slipknot, it’s a little more abrasive than being in any other band, it just kind of exacerbated the injury to the point where the bone was growing into my spine.”

He gave some detail about the operation in his spinal cord.

“And I still have a bruise on my spinal cord that you can see on X-ray, which is insane. So, they jacked those up, they shaped the bone back, they replaced the disc that had been destroyed.

“It was bad; I was losing strength and sensation in my right side, I couldn’t keep my balance. It was crazy, but luckily I caught it, and I had the surgery and then went back on the road like an idiot – I think we postponed the tour by two weeks.”

Corey said that he can’t headbanging and revealed how he protects himself from headbang.

“Well, and the thing was, ‘Okay, I can walk, I can sing, I just can’t headbang.’ I put on a neck brace to keep myself from headbanging. [Laughs] It’s such a part of my performing, you know, when you’re physically so in tune with the way you present, it’s almost automatic.

“So, it was really kind of me putting myself in check, and then the knee thing, it’s a whole other chapter.”


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