Slayer’s Gary Holt Sends Special Words To His Favorite Guitarist Of All Time

The American musician Gary Holt, known as his 8-year career with the Grammy Award-winner thrash metal band Slayer, has just sent a photo of Ritchie Blackmore and celebrated his 75th birthday with special words.

In the letter, Gary Holt said that one of the founding members of Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore, is his favorite guitarist of all time.

Gary Holt mentioned him with the following letter: “Happy birthday to my favorite guitarist of all time, Ritchie Blackmore. If I’m stuck on a desert island, I only need Rainbow Rising or Long live rock and roll. To be more precise, I only need either the song Stargazer or Gates of Babylon. Epic. Time to rock some Deep Purple as well!”

As a comment to the photo, many fans celebrated Ritchie’s birthday and sent their good wishes to him.

You can find the photo shared by Gary Holt below.

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