Slayer/Exodus Star Gary Holt Names The Life Changing Solo, Recalls His Rare Hang Out With Kirk Hammett

The 56-year-old guitarist Gary Holt has just added a new story to his special series about what impacted him on his entire life and recalled his first hearing of the fourth studio album of German rock band Scorpions, “Virgin Killer.”

While he taking back to those days, Gary Holt talked about how the epic album it was. In addition to his first hearing, he touched his first hang out with Kirk Hammett, his bandmate from Exodus, and remembered rare days.

Gary Holt began his words explaining why he didn’t use the original album cover.

“Day three of records that had an impact on me! I’m not using the original album cover because it is undeniably creepy as fuck!

“First time I heard this record was the first day I hung out with Kirk Hammett, day of Ted Nugent with Scorpions opening. (Scorpions first US show I believe). While I had been a huge fan, Animal Magnetism, Lovedrive, I had not yet been introduced to the Uli Roth era Scorpions yet.

“So we met up at Kirks house and he put this on. First time I heard the solo to the title track, LIFE CHANGING. I did not yet play guitar even, but I knew the whammy bar was gonna be a huge part of my playing when I did. Just savage, this solo is. Changed the game. And the songs! So killer!! Polar Nights!! Pictured Life, Hell Cat, Catch your train, ect. My all time favorite German band, so many amazing records. LEGENDS! EDIT!”

Gary concluded his letter remembering his rare-known conversation with the lead guitarist of the band, Uli John Roth, who rocked with Scorpions 1974 to 1977.

“On the first 70000 tons cruise, I told Uli the bit about his solo on Virgin Killer leaving me with a lifelong whammy bar fixation. He made his band learn the song in their cabins and they played a bit of it for me live!”

Many fans showed great interest in the story he told as a comment to the photo. Even, a fan stated that finally, someone agreed that the album is the greatest.

Scorions released 9-track album “Virgin Killer” on October 9, 1976.

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