Evanescence Excited Fans With An Official Announcement

The American rock band Evanescence, which formed in Arkansas in 1995, has just dropped an official announcement on their social media accounts and stated that they are happy to announce that they will be officially in TikTok in the remaining days.

With a recent post they shared on their social media, the epic rock band Evanescence shared that they will be taking their place on TikTok and that they have just posted their next official music video through it.

Evanescence‘s official statement about the issue as follows:

“We have officially started a TikTok account! On top of that, we have just announced our next official video from our TikTok page! Make sure you follow us at @ evanescence on @tiktok and go check out what our next video will be. Hint it involves YOU.”

Many fans joked about TikTok after the official announcement. Some of them admitted that they swore that they wouldn’t download TikTok whatever happens but they’ve download when they read the announcement.

Evanescence has just unveiled a new track named “Wasted on You,” which will be appeared on the band’s forthcoming studio album “The Bitter Truth.”

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