See How Exclusive Cliff Burton-Era Metallica Transformer Set Looks Like

One of the most epic stuff ever of the heavy metal band Metallica has been revealed by the talented modeler Simon Smith. According to him, he made the set to pay his tribute to the late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton.

In the set, there was a truck designed as Metallica’s Cliff Burton-era. There was also some stuff to put on it. As you can see below, the truck was looking amazing.

Opening up about the making process of the exclusive set, the modeler said that he listened to Metallica’s Master of Puppets over and over again. He also thought of Cliff Burton and realized once again that how a great musician he was.

(image credit: Simon Smith Facebook)

“I received a request sometime last year from a collector on Instagram for a new Metallica Optimus Prime to be made,” said Smith in a post. “I wanted to base this off of the album cover and pay respects to Cliff Burton at the same time so we have a blend of the two ideas.

“The box layout is pretty epic. There is no doubt who this piece is based on and the top flap with the 3 crosses really drives home the feel from the album. Making this piece I listened to Master of Puppets over and over again and it really got to me that we had lost such a passionate musician like Cliff Burton. Cliff was one of the major forces that propelled Metallica’s music in the early years to another level.

“He was the original head-banger who would wipe the crowd in to a frenzy during concerts. Many conceder him to be one of the greatest bass player of all time. It was an honor to create this piece and make that connection for someone who apparently thinks Prime would have made a great touring semi.”

(image credit: Simon Smith Facebook)

Concluding his words, the modeler said that he tried to contact people who wanted that set. He added that they did not answer and he will put the set on eBay. “I have tried reaching out to the person who requested this piece and they have not replied back. Ultimately this will go up for auction on eBay soon. Let me know what you guys think.”

(image credit: Simon Smith Facebook)

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