Sebastian Bach Reveals Ridiculous Memory With Pantera: “People Were Throwing Hot Dogs”

Sebastian Bach Reveals Ridiculous Memory With Pantera: "People Were Throwing Hot Dogs"

In a new appearance on The Eddie Trunk Podcast, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach recalled a memory he lived with Pantera members during his band’s Slave To The Grind tour and said it was ridiculous.

Sebastian Bach was a member of the rock band Skid Row from 1987 to 1996. The singer played 9-years with the band and reached international success as a member of them. Throughout his career with Skid Row, Sebastian Bach performed in 3 studio albums of the band.

On the other hand, Pantera is a heavy metal band formed in 1981. The band’s legends Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell led the group to international success. Activated until 2003, Pantera released 9 studio albums, 2 live albums, 4 video albums, 4 EPs, and many things in total.

In 1992, Pantera and Soundgarden had joined Skid Row as supporting bands on the band’s Slave to the Grind Tour for their second studio album, Slave To The Grind, which sold 134,000 copies in its opening week.

Recently, Sebastian Bach has opened up about those moments after a fan asked him a question. When the interviewer said, “I just wanted to ask Sebastian if he remembers about the great Pantera barbecue on the ‘Slave to the Grind’ tour?” Sebastian said doing barbecue in front of the crowd on stage was ridiculously funny.

“I have it on video, dude, and maybe one day if I get back with the old band, we can put it out instead of me making it an NFT, which will be what happens if we don’t put it out,” Bach says.

“But I have that on video, and that was near the ending of the Skid Row/Pantera tour, and Dimebag and Phil [Anselmo, vocals] and Vinnie decided to set up about three or four barbecues in the pit, in front of the crowd.

“And they made themselves dinner and hot dogs for all the fans and for us, and we all had barbecue during the show, and it was ridiculous. People were throwing hot dogs around – that was good times.”

Sebastian Bach Speaks On Future Plans

After that conversation, the interviewer asked Bach to detail whether he has an opening act for his upcoming shows. Saying that there is a band called Kaleido, Bach revealed how they found them to play on stage.

“Yeah, we have a band from Detroit called Kaleido, I have no idea what a Kaleido is,” he admits. “We had a band booked called Stitched Up Heart.

“I don’t know about you, but I kind of keep up with new bands through Instagram, that’s an easy way to see their videos and what they got going on.

“So when we got the tour, we booked Stitched up Heart, it was booked with another band, so we had to find a new band.

“And my agent submitted about 10 choices, and I watched videos from each of them, and I watched these videos from this band Kaleido, and I really liked the videos.

“One was called ‘Panic in a Pandemic,’ which made me laugh, but I just liked their music, and that’s it, and I didn’t have time to really dilly dally around, so they’re coming. Hopefully, everything works out.”

Back in this past September, Sebastian Bach had answered if he sees himself ever reuniting with Skid Row in the future.

“Well, there’s no reason not to – there’s none,” he reveals. “When those guys try to say, ‘He’s [about me] difficult to work with,’ let me just say this one more time.

“We have not been in the same room together since the year 1996. Shut the eff up about you thinking you know what I’m like. You don’t know anything about what I’m like.”

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