Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Believes Got Vaccinated Protects Him Against COVID

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Believes Got Vaccinated Protects Him Against COVID

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has spoken out about his current state of health after contracting for COVID and stated that he believes got vaccinated protects him against COVID.

As some of you might remember, Bruce Dickinson had to postpone his spoken-word tour due to a positive COVID diagnosis of a member in his immediate household. Shortly after the announcement, the musician had shared a health update about himself and revealed that he contracted for COVID.

In his recent interview with Forbes, the musician has talked about his current health condition, his honest opinion on vaccines, and people who vaccinated or haven’t been vaccinated. Speaking about himself and how his quarantine goes on, Dickinson said that he feels fine thanks to the vaccine.

“I’m absolutely fine,” he said. “Literally, I’m just waiting for these little lateral flow test things that you have to do, self-testing. I’m taking those every day, I’m thinking of making a collage out of them or something at the end.

“I don’t know. It’s just going through whatever it is, the 10-day isolation at home because I did get COVID. I tested positive for it, just like a week yesterday, basically. And I’ve been absolutely fine.

“I have the same symptoms that you would get from like a… you feel a bit shitty for two or three days, you sweat a bit, you have a bit of a stuffy nose, a small cough in my case and my sense of smell kind of went AWOL, but it’s kind of coming back now.”

Bruce Dickinson Says He Will Be First In Line To Get The Next Vaccine

(image: Christie Goodwin)

Defending vaccines against COVID, Dickinson has said that he will be first in line to get the next vaccine. He showed off with his words that he’s fully believed in vaccines against COVID.

“I’m not particularly a vaccine skeptic in the slightest,” Dickinson continued. “I had both doses and if somebody wants me to have another couple, I’ll be first in the queue because I think I would have been probably potentially a lot more sick had I not been vaccinated.

“Me and my partner, I had the Pfizer vaccine, she had the AstraZeneca, we both got sick. She’s over it all. Basically, I’m pretty much over it now, I’m just waiting for my little test to go negative before I unleash myself on the supermarket.”

Dickinson Comments On Vaccinated and Unvaccinated People

(image: Francesco Castaldo)

Concluding his words, Bruce Dickinson has mentioned vaccinated and unvaccinated people. He said that vaccinated people have had really mild side effects. He also touched on unvaccinated people and stated that they’re not happy against COVID effects.

“I’m absolutely fine, honestly,” Dickinson adds. “Just about everybody I know who’s been vaccinated and has had this has had really mild side effects. I know a few people that haven’t been vaccinated and have had it and they’re not so happy. Even if they haven’t died – God forbid – but they’ve not been well for quite a long period of time afterwards.

“And that’s not just people who are over 50 and stuff – this is young people, 30 and under, extremely healthy – just didn’t happen to get the vaccine in time perhaps and got sick with it. They’d been out for two, three weeks.

“It’s a nasty bug and if you can avoid getting it, I’d avoid getting it. And if you did get it, make sure you’ve had the vaccine when you do get it. And most of us may very well get it at some point.”

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