Metallica wins Best Metal Performance for 72 Seasons at the 2024 Grammy Awards


Metallica wins the Grammy Award for “Best Metal Performance” for their song 72 Seasons. Accepting the award on behalf of the band was Bassist/vocalist Robert Trujillo. 

The other nominees for Best Metal Performance are:

  • Bad Man by Disturbed
  • Phantom Of The Opera by Ghost
  • Hive Mind by Slipknot
  • Jaded by Spiritbox

Why Metal Fans Still tolerate the Grammy Awards

For metal fans, the Grammy Awards continue to be a source of pride and frustration. Despite the decline in viewership, the award still holds prestige. It carries lineage to great artists from the past. Everyone still knows what a Grammy Award is and wining one is still not easy to do. The award shines a spotlight on artists, musicians, composers and songwriters. The recognition can still expand an artist’s reach to new audiences and open doors throughout the music business. 

Why we hate the Grammy Awards

No one can forget the infamous snub when both Metallica and Jethro Tull were nominated for the first-ever “Hard Rock/Metal Performance” Grammy Award in 1989 when Jethro Tull walked away the winner. The other nominees in 1989 that year were:

  • AC/DC for “Blow Up Your Video”
  • Iggy Pop for “Cold Metal”
  • Jane’s Addiction for “Nothing’s Shocking”

Sadly the Grammy Awards still seem old and out of touch. This year’s awards were not on the live television broadcast, further alienating fans and artists. While Robert Trujillo is accepting the award, the house band played “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. C’mon man! 

Metallica has three nominations this year for:

  • Best Rock Performance for Lux Æterna
  • Best Metal Performance for 72 Seasons
  • Best Rock Album for 72 Seasons

Best Rock Performance

The frustration for metal fans continues when the Grammy for “Best Rock Performance” goes to the band boygenius for “Not Strong Enough” over both Metallica and the Foo Fighters. That’s pathetic. The other nominees are:

  • Sculptures Of Anything Goes by Arctic Monkeys
  • More Than A Love Song by Black Pumas
  • Rescued by Foo Fighters
  • Lux Æterna by Metallica

Best Rock Album

The Grammy for “Best Rock Album” was award to Paramore for “This Is Why”. While not traditional rock, Paramore is a worthy competitor. The other nominees are:

  • Starcatcher by Greta Van Fleet
  • 72 Seasons by Metallica
  • In Times New Roman… by Queens Of The Stone Age

Metallica continues to be gracious in handling these snubs and gracious when they win. Whatever recognition comes their way is simply a byproduct of doing their best. They make great music for the fans and for themselves. The award doesn’t make or break a metal band or it’s fans but it shows the Grammy Awards still “don’t get it” after all these years. 

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