Rob Zombie Devastated After The Tragic Death Of Successful Filmmaker

The American filmmaker and heavy metal musician Rob Zombie has just sent a new photo through his official social media account and said he was very sad because of the death of the 72-aged filmmaker Stuart Gordon, best known as the filmmaker behind such cult classics as “Re-Animator” and “From Beyond.” The legendary filmmaker died because of the multiple organ failure.

Rob paid his tribute to Stuart Gordon with a special letter. He said in the letter that Stuart was a very cool man, and the Re-Animator film will always be a classic.

“I just read of the death of Stuart Gordon. Very sad. Much like Tobe Hooper, Stuart was very cool and completely welcomed me into the horror director’s world upon the release of my first film. A super nice guy who made some really crazy fucking movies. Re-Animator will always be a classic. Last time I saw him was in 2017 while doing a podcast with Mick Garris.”

In the comments of the photo, fans also paid their tribute to him.

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