Rob Zombie Thrills Fans With His Important Career Decision

The heavy metal musician Rob Zombie has just contacted fans with a special moment he shared through his social media account and excited fans about his future plans.

In the photo taken by Scott Dachroeden in 2017, Rob Zombie rocked the crowd who gone to Maximus Festival to see him on May 6 and May 13. He was wearing his classic pants and hat during the show.

With the statement he shared, Rob Zombie stated that he hoped to rock the crowd on stage again.

Rob Zombie sent the photo with the following caption: “I don’t know when or where this was but it sure looks fun. Hopefully we can do this again someday. #robzombie #rockonmotherfuckers.”

John 5, best known as the touring guitarist of Rob Zombie, has also commented on the photo and showed how he wants to do that.

In addition to Rob Zombie, Slayer, Five Finger Death Punch, Linkin Park, Ghost, Prophets of Rage, and many more played at Maximus Festival.

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